FLAME PROOF HOIST from Power Hoist & Cranes Co.

Suitable  for hazardous atmosphere gas groups. ! IIA & IIB POWER hoists available with flame - proof  electricals confirming IS 2148. Flameproof  electricals are certified ny central Mining Research station, Dhanbad.
Reliability and long working life All materials, design and production methods and testing procedures of POWER hoists conform to the highest quality standards. A unique 3-point connection of the machinery ensures perfect alignment of the hoist unit. This allows smooth running of the power transmission and extends the lifetime of the hoist.
Heavy duty rope guides made of cost iron casting totally enclosed herdened and ground geare, and galvanized and ungalvanized ropes are some examples of the superior quality throughout the POWER series. The fully enclosed housing of the hoist protects the rope drum and rope guide from the dirt to increase the hoists working life.

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