Sanford-Day Brakeman Cars from Frontier-Kemper Constructors, Inc.

Sanford-Day has long been a trusted name for safe and reliable mine equipment. In 2000, Frontier-Kemper Constructors acquired Sanford-Day to provide a more complete package for slope hoisting systems. FKC Sanford-Day offers new brakeman Safety cars as well as services to rebuild existing cars or upgrade the electrical control system. In addition, we offer parts and service for Sanford-Day's discontinued line of car spotters. Service and support for other Sanford-Day products may be available in the future.

The FKC Sanford-Day brakeman car is an eight wheeled rail car with six magnetic brakes designed to provide protection against runaway trips on mine slopes due to rope breakage or loss of control. The FKC Sanford-Day is an improved version of the reliable brakeman car which has been the standard in slope mines for many years. The original sturdy mechanical design has been maintained but the control system and speed sensing have been improved to make the "FKC Sanford-Day Brakeman Car" more reliable, accurate, and safer.

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