2.5" Dredges from Proline Mining Equipment

Just a few years ago, all 2.5" dredges were floated on innertubes. Most of them were available only with a suction nozzle to provide the vacuum and none of the 2.5’s were capable of driving an air compressor. This all changed with the introduction of the Proline 2.5" flair dredge. This was one of the first 2.5" dredges which was mounted on sturdy polyethylene pontoons, rather than the puncture-prone innertubes. This was the first dredge of its size which used a flair and it came standard with a power jet, which was much more powerful and easier to operate than the suction nozzles.

In addition to being one of the most powerful pumps of its size on the market, our HP 200 was designed to be capable of driving an air compressor to support more active underwater mining. These features made for a very stable, powerful, and usable machine.This dredge has been redesigned to create a lighter and sleeker dredge without sacrificing strength. The dredge frame has been eliminated for weight savings and has been replaced by a front and rear assembly which mounts directly to the pontoons in a similar fashion to our 2" dredge.

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