GeoSpec 2 - Rock Core Analyzer from Oxford Instruments

The GeoSpec 2 NMR Core Analyser is designed specifically for studies of core samples from oilfield reservoirs.

GeoSpec 2 is the industry standard with installations in almost every major oil producer and SCAL laboratory world-wide. Oxford Instruments’ partnership with Green Imaging Technologies guarantees complete hardware and software integration which makes it possible for any core analysis laboratory to obtain comprehensive NMR core analysis results without the need for an in-house NMR expert.

All GeoSpec 2 models are equipped with Q-Sense, Oxford Instruments’ ground-breaking new technology for improved signal-to-noise and ultra-short echo times – both features essential for accurate measurements on tight rocks and shales.

All GeoSpec models are fully integrated with specialist core analysis software from Green Imaging Technologies, which takes full control of the instrument hardware and automatically generates BVI, FFI, CBW, effective porosity, T1 and T2 cut-off values and NMR permeability. Further hardware and software options are available, exclusively on the GeoSpec range, to measure capillary pressure (Pc) using the patented GIT-CAP technique. This technique allows Pc measurements to be made in a fraction of the time taken by traditional centrifuge and porous plate techniques, and with many more data points, thus allowing more accurate prediction of additional parameters such as pore throat distributions, wettability and relative permeability.

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