TDR Series Raise Boring Machines from Terratec

The dual purpose Raise/Down drilling machine is able to pass all drilling components through the worktable, including the Reamers. Consequently due to the machine being robustly designed for easy use and reliability, the system only requires one operator and it can be left unattended when required.

The derrick of the machine is designed in modular units which makes disassembly of major components (for inspection, transport or repair) very easy to achieve. The prime feature of this machine is the hinged “horizontal double worktable doors” which swing up to allow a Reamer and Stabilizer to pass through the worktable doors. The swinging motion of the doors is controlled by the operator, via an electrical pushbutton on the control console.

These machines are designed to have sufficient torque and thrust capability to operate as a conventional Raise Boring Machine, but are sought after for their ability to down ream. This entails pilot drilling for guidance and spoil removal, then reaming downwards. The machines have sufficient equipment for rod handling capacity to lift the fully dressed reamer into the machine without any auxiliary external equipment; hence this machine can be controlled by one operator.

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