The MS842W Two Deck Screen from Crusher Screen

The MS842W Two Deck Screen is a two-deck, four bearing 8’ x 4’ (2.4m x 1.2m) screen has a weight of 13.820 kg. The screen includes an innovative end-to-end crowning consists of a screen box which helps in increasing the productivity and ensuring efficient separation when compared to that of flat screens of similar size. It has high durability, and can tolerate heavy applications rigors.. On-board stockpiling wing conveyors of the MS842W screen ensure quick set up hence off plant stacking conveyors are not required. A screen mesh can be replaced by easily accessing screen panels using a maintenance platform which is extended from the rear side of the screen. Sides of the screen are provided with ladders with handrails for easily accessing remote screen bearing lubrication points and the maintenance platform. The conveyor’s speed can be adjusted using a top screen deck wing conveyor hydraulic system in order to prevent roll-back of the material ensuring efficient and safe operation of the screen. A hammermill shredder is optional, and helps in separating the materials in an efficient manner. The operator can operate a screening plant using a remote control tipping grid from the seat of his excavator or loader itself. The on-board product conveyor is provided with a folding mechanism rendering a compact profile with a stockpile height of 3.8 m (12’6”).

Key Features

The key features of the MS842W two deck screen are:

  • On site towbar with hydraulic jacking legs
  • Remote screen box greasing
  • Light systems
  • Hydraulic oil cooler
  • Emergency stop system
  • Acoustic engine canopy
  • Maintenance ladders and platform allows access to three sides of the screen box
  • Hydraulic folding wing conveyors

Other Equipment