Multidrill XL from Fraste

The multidrill XL is the best-selling model of Fraste. It has high performance, versatility, power, dimension ratio, and compactness. The main functions include conventional and wire-line coring, rotary drilling with reverse or direct fluid circulation, roto-percussion, micropiles, geothermal drilling, environmental drilling and geotechnical investigation. An Automatic SPT device is used as an alternative for carrying out the soil tests.


The options available for the multidrill XL are:

  • Foam injection pump
  • Rotary heads with different speeds and torques
  • Remote operation radio control for all drilling functions
  • Air compressor
  • Wire-line winches
  • DTH hammer line lubricator
  • Pistons, screw and centrifugal mud pumps
  • Casing pullers
  • Single or double drilling clamp
  • Interlocking guard
  • Electric generator-welding unit
  • SPT dynamic penetrometer for soil tests

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