Landy Surface Aerators from WesTech Engineering, Inc

The Landy aerator is a low speed device that incorporates an open non-clogging impeller. The unique impeller design eliminates rag build up that can result in unbalanced operation, a situation common with other impeller designs. Each aerator is fabricated in a specialized fixture and is balanced prior to shipment to assure a long life of trouble-free operation. The Landy is mounted on a bridge, platform or floats. Materials and sizes are available to meet all needs, as new units or retrofit to existing drives. Over 40 years of use and continuing development, The Landy is an aeration value for oxidation ditches, and many other applications.

Ongoing testing over forty years in both the field and testing facilities confirm that the Landy performs as designed. The Landy is supplied with operational and process guarantees.

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