Derrick Crane from Mewar Iron Works

Derrick Crane is a combination of the Derrick and the Crane, capable for hoisting and swinging the load horizontally. Hydraulic Derrick Crane are the most suitable Cranes for mining and stone work industries.

  • Welded L-iron used for making column, arm and rafter.
  • Hinge attachment on upper part column for the rafters and multiple tackle supporting the arm.
  • The bottom of the column is joined to the winch the pivot fitted to this rotates on a special thrust bearing.
  • The arm and hook can be raised or lowered simultaneously or independently
  • Electro hydraulic provided brakes.
  • Swivel steel pulleys on sealed roller bearing with ground steel pins.
  • Block with steel pulleys and single or double hook (with anchor) rotating on a thrust bearing.
  • A winch unit electric motors drive the gear speed reducers. These are case hardened, tempered and rotated in an oil bath.

Other Equipment