AR0101 Removable 1 ton Rail Crane from Arva Industries

This crane is an electrically controlled hydraulic crane. The crane is powered using commercial 120 volts AC power via an electric cable, located on the back of the turret. Twenty five (25) feet of cable has been supplied to allow reach to the power source. The controls are hand held trigger style with eight (8) control buttons. The hand held control comes with twenty five (25) feet of cable so the operator may stand well away from the crane. The cable can be wrapped and stored with the control in place, on the back of the turret, on the hooks provided.

From the cord power is transmitted through the electrical box to the controls. The hydraulic pump is direct driven by the electric motor. The oil is then delivered through the control valve through hydraulic lines to crane functions. The control valves are operated by the hand held electric controller which directs the oil to the respective crane systems.

A telescoping two (2) section boom is supplied with the crane. The boom is controlled through the use of boom lift and extension cylinders and swing drive

Other Equipment