Supporting Environmental Waste Management in African Mining Companies

Although the mining sector has been the producer of some of the most expensive materials in the world, until recent times, waste management has hardly been a concern for this sector, with several companies choosing to either burn out waste in the open or export it off-site.

At present, an increasing number of mining companies are on the lookout for improved environmental protection for their sites to minimize air, water, and soil contamination and to improve the understanding and relationships with the local communities. INCINER8 has been supporting one of the largest mining corporations in the world to provide an advanced waste management solution, in the form of a completely mobile i8-700 Incinerator.


A Solution that Helps both the Temporary and Permanent Communities Involved


The transient nature of various mining operations usually results in a lot of remnant waste and no infrastructure to deal with it. On-site management of waste means no piling up of waste over time, and hence, sites can be safe and clean to work in.

Location: South Africa

Client: Mining Company

Waste Type: Mining waste and site waste

Incinerator Supplied: i8-700 with Autoloader Model

Similar to the i8 models from INCINER8, the i8-700 has been developed with a universally compliant secondary chamber that offers retention times of 2.0 seconds to restrict emissions as low as possible, without any effect on the surrounding environment.

The system is equipped with a steel skid system that includes a fuel tank, a mounted control panel, and a generator; thus, it can be easily moved from one site to another without any impact on the general operation of the incinerator and enabling waste to be safely disposed off wherever required. Purchase of this equipment will allow mining companies to rely on a considerably more sustainable waste management practice, which INCINER8 hopes will be followed by more and more companies in the future.


Features and Benefits

  • High-capacity chamber
  • 2-second retention time at 850 °C
  • Continuous operation


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