Shipping Large-Scale Waste Management Facilities to Remote Locations in Greenland

In Greenland, a previously unexploited source of minerals, uranium and titanium are currently being mined. INCINER8 has been providing hands-on, essential waste solutions that can be moved to satisfy local legislation when not in use.

The seasonal conditions in Greenland have restricted the time available for the project teams in which they can be operational; INCINER8 has the skill to ship and install large-scale incinerators to distant locations to be suitable for the demanding environment and restricted timescales that could be faced by the mining project teams. Subsequently, the teams can move into their camps in which they will reside for months together, with a powerful solution to dispose of any municipal waste and the dangerous work materials through the safest means possible.


For average household waste we could burn 30-50 kg/hours, but when burning waste from the drill rigs with a lot of scrap wood, plastics and oil soaked rags burn rates were much slower as the energy rich waste had to be burned in very small batches to keep temperature from getting too high, but in general the system worked well.

Rasmus Christensen, Senior Geologist, Xploration Services Greenland.

Location: Greenland

Clients: Explorative Mining Teams

Waste Type: Camp waste

Solution Supplied: i8-20s

Legislation — Making the Solution Fit for Purpose

There exists stringent legislation in the mining industry with respect to waste disposal. INCINER8 operates in close partnership with the teams to determine the particular needs and requirements, making sure that the most appropriate solution is arrived at, offering “Quick and precise feedback to questions,” stated Rasmus Christensen, Senior Geologist at Xploration Services Greenland.


Thanks to the top-loading design of i8-20S, which is the model provided for this project, it has the capability to burn a broad range of materials in one solution. Its small size and easy-to-maintain design make it ideal for such operations.

INCINER8Features and Benefits

  • Simple, compact design
  • Endure extreme climates
  • Low running costs
  • Global support network

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