Exceptional Sensitivity and Precision Measurements with the PinAAcle 500

The PinAAcle 500 spectrometer from PerkinElmer is a fully-integrated, robust, flame-only benchtop system suitable for laboratories that require dependable, easy-to-use, and high-performance flame AA. It is integrated with an innovative touchscreen interface with the flexibility to operate through its user-friendly Syngistix Touch™ software or the more comprehensive, optional Syngistix™ for AA Software.

The PinAAcle 500 flame AA spectrometer is designed for:

  • Simple, fast and reproducible operation through the intuitive, icon-based interface of Syngistix Touch or Syngistix for AA
  • Excellent sensitivity and precision enable analysis of lower concentrations with the accuracy of higher-end AA systems
  • Minimum maintenance and maximum speed with a rugged design that virtually eliminates maintenance, reducing operating costs
  • Harsh environments and samples thanks to its corrosion-resistant sample introduction components

The PinAAcle 500 is designed to provide an uncompromising level of performance at an unbeatable price, placing the industry’s most reliable and robust flame AA within reach for even the most budget-conscious laboratories. Customers can discover an instrument designed to outlast and outperform, and take their laboratory to a new PinAAcle of profitability and productivity.

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