Compact excavator from Komatsu Ltd.

A compact excavator can be used in various ways such as digging and loading earth into a dump truck. Its tight swing radius is best suited for working in a confined area.

Diesel-fueled engines mounted on compact excavators drive the travel motor and hydraulic pump. Hydraulic pressure, which is generated when hydraulic oil in the hydraulic pump transmits the oil to a cylinder, moves the work equipment of the excavator. An operator can perform heavy-duty jobs that require tremendous power by moving levers with little effort.

The work equipment of an excavator is similar to a human arm, enabling an operator to maneuver the machine just like moving his/her own arm. In addition, replacing a bucket with various attachments enables a wider range of work, such as breaking rocks, lifting or grabbing an object. The blade at the foot of the excavator can doze soil and level the ground.

There are two types of upper attachments, a canopy and a cabin. A canopy has a protective guard and a cabin is sealed within a compartment.

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