Tunnel Boring Machines from Robbins Company

A Robbins Main Beam TBM is complex in its design, yet relatively simple in concept. The front of the TBM is a rotating cutterhead that matches the diameter of the tunnel. The cutterhead holds disc cutters (ranging from 11" to 20" in diameter) which are positioned for optimal boring of the given rock type.

As the cutterhead turns, hydraulic propel cylinders push the cutters into the rock. The transfer of this high thrust through the rolling disc cutters creates fractures in the rock causing chips to break away from the tunnel face. A unique floating gripper system pushes on the sidewalls and is locked in place while the propel cylinders extend, allowing the main beam to advance the TBM.

The machine can be continuously steered while gripper shoes push on the sidewalls to react the machine's forward thrust. Buckets in the rotating cutterhead scoop up and deposit the muck on to a belt conveyor inside the main beam. The muck is then transferred to the rear of the machine for removal from the tunnel. At the end of a stroke the rear legs of the machine are lowered, the grippers and propel cylinders are retracted. The retraction of the propel cylinders repositions the gripper assembly for the next boring cycle. The grippers are extended, the rear legs lifted, and boring begins again

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