Motorized Small Boring Unit from Robbins Company

Perform extraordinary bores with Robbins Motorized Small Boring Units (SBU-Ms). Bore longer tunnels, through harder rock, perfectly on line and grade when using one on your next project. You know how well the Robbins SBU works; now experience the same results with specialized boring machines.

When line and grade are critical, such as on gravity sewer installations and/or limited easement access, you need a machine with continuous steering. For longer bores (over 500 ft/ 150 m) in hard rock, you don't want to be limited by your auger or consumables such as cutters. If you need to bore through mixed ground or hard rock with a casing diameter between 48" and 78" (1.2 to 2.0 m), the Robbins SBU-M could be the right solution for you. Robbins offers customized SBU-Ms to fit your job perfectly and allow you to bore more challenging drives.

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