Engineered Drum Pulley Assembly from Baldor Electric Company.

Made to order based upon conveyor load, belt tension, belt wrap angles and bearing centers supplied for belt ratings up to and exceeding 8,000 PIW (Pounds per Inch of Belt Width) or 1,400 kN/m.

Welded, integral and "T" Section Super hub versions that minimize the deleterious effects of welding heat affected zones (HAZ). HE (High Endurance) 14 degree taper bushings with the lowest bellows installation stress of any taper bushing shaft mounting system for 2 hub pulley applications up to 12" diameter and B-Loc keyless locking devices for shafts to 30" diameter. Full 360 degree fillet welding of internal support discs when used.


Head, snub, bend and take-up pulleys on bulk belt conveyors used in metallic mining, stone, clay, glass, cement, coal mining and preparation plants, coal fired electric generating plants, transportation ports and terminals, solid waste, concrete and wood recycling plants, iron and steel mills, and iron foundries

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