Mine Duty Extra Wing Pulley Assemblies from Baldor Electric Company.

Extremely heavy, strong mine duty wing pulley assemblies that fit CEMA (Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association) dimensions and exceed the CEMA application standards by 2 to 5 times depending upon pulley size. Designed for use with DODGE Mine Duty Extra drum pulleys.


One piece integral hubs that eliminate welded hub heat affected zones (HAZ). HE (High Endurance) 14 degree taper bushings with the lowest installation bellows stress of any taper bushing shaft mounting system for 2 hub pulley applications. Rugged wing-on-drum construction incorporating 2" x 3/4" thick contact bars, 3/8" thick wings and 3/8" thick spacers.


Tail and take-up pulleys on bulk belt conveyors used in metallic mining, stone, clay, glass, cement, coal mining and preparation plants, coal fired electric generating plants, transportation ports and terminals, solid waste, concrete and wood recycling plants, iron and steel mills, and iron foundries.

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