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Improving Resource Identification and Extraction with Subsurface Intelligence Solutions

Drilling optimization devices and sensors are developed by IMDEX to deliver real-time rock understanding and quality information.

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IMDEX technology helps users to drill faster and smarter, gain more accurate subsurface information, and access important information in real-time when they work together. The companies help drilling companies and resource firms make better decisions across the mining supply chain, from the drill rig to a core farm and processing facility.

IMDEX uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze data from subsurface sensors and generate accurate, insightful information. The firm provides subsurface intelligence solutions for the worldwide minerals business.

The goal of Subsurface Intelligence (SI) is to produce high-definition models of the petroleum system in which uncertainty is reduced or quantified.

SI combines cutting-edge technology (such as high-performance computers, data science, and artificial intelligence) with a thorough understanding of geoscience foundations to produce the most accurate constrained projections for hydrocarbon possibilities, production fields, and reservoirs.

The collecting of many types of information during drilling and development is required by conventional methods for determining the economic viability of subsurface prospects.

When commercial activities are halted, the deepest subsurface knowledge for a specific area is often obtained, and the chance to earn further from completely integrated data and analyses is lost. Furthermore, the time of data acquisition for various data types, including 3D geophysical data or the gathering of specific well logs, influences the timing of new geologic insights and, as a result, crucial investment choices.

Subsurface intelligence solutions success is dependent on the efficient integration of human skills and knowledge with software subsurface models based on the industry’s array of seismic and geological information from both the surface and beneath.

The benefit of using SI during the process is that it maximizes the knowledge gained from current data before acquiring new data, reducing the uncertainties in the subsurface model at an initial phase. This boosts trust in the risk assessment process, which is used to make business choices, and ensures that further data collection is focused on lowering the uncertainty of the updated important risks.

Moreover, with geoscience expertise at an all-time high, the moment has come to embrace a different attitude and transition to the paradigm shift of subsurface intelligence, in which professionals can estimate and continually modify uncertainty in a more quantitative manner throughout the lifecycle of a project, resulting in better-informed decision-making.

Excellent subsurface intelligence allows us to maximize the value of ongoing hydrocarbon finds in mature basins, enhance field development and manufacturing plans, and accomplish more precise hydrocarbon resource assessments.

Resource Extraction Solution

The separation and removal of natural resources from their immediate surroundings is referred to as resource extraction. This involves a wide range of behaviors, organizational structures, and materials.

Extraction is commonly understood as a physical phenomenon through which "natural gifts" are extracted from the ground and converted into useful raw resources. A more detailed conception of extraction, on the other hand, sees it as a political-economic process of increasing value and power by identifying, capturing, and controlling extractable elements.

In five important ways, extraction differs from industrial production as a form of production. Extraction has been a focus of various national and international policy concerns. Four major trajectories of concern have been identified, each of which reflects a shift in human geography's relationship with resource exploitation.

Smart Mining Solutions

From $9,265.7 M in 2019 to $23,465.8 M in 2027, the worldwide smart mining market is predicted to rise at a CAGR of 16.3 percent from 2020 to 2027.

Smart mining is a method of improving mine site safety, lowering operating costs, and increasing production by combining information, autonomy, and technology.

Mining companies place a premium on increasing efficiency by implementing cutting-edge software and solutions. It also includes telerobotic mining, which uses remote-controlled robotic equipment to harvest minerals and metals and reduces the risk to miners.

The market is divided into two types: underground mining and surface or open-pit mining. The market is divided into two categories: automated technology and components.

Smart mining solutions are used by IMDEX. The smart mining solution takes a 'platform' strategy, which considers the mining industry as a whole and includes architecture components and technological use cases. For procedures that need large bandwidth, high latency, and criticality, the system considers using the cloud.

Comprehensive digital management and shorter time control, warehouse management, mobile asset monitoring, sophisticated analytics, cognition and mobility framework, and remote operation centers are among the solution's features. Smart mining solutions provide a competitive advantage by allowing the user to make real-time decisions and reducing waste with Lean concepts.

Smart mining equipment and technology are used in both surface and underground mining operations, often known as open pit or open cast mining. The incorporation of smart mining into underground mining has improved on-site workplace conditions and enhanced underground mining productivity.

The Future of Smart Mining Technology

RFID tags, intelligent technologies such as the Internet of Things, and other smart mining technologies will be used more frequently in the future. Robotic innovation is now used in very limited mining operations worldwide, it offers enormous promise for the mining sector. Drilling, blasting, loading, carrying, and fastening mine roofs are just some of the activities that artificial intelligence-powered robots can do.

An Internet of Things platform also benefits the mining industry. It can improve the visibility and transparency of the complete mining project, and can also allow computers to notice, identify, and understand various aspects of mining projects without the need for human intervention, as well as automate and enhance machine maintenance and operation.

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