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ARANZ Geo Offers 3D Geological Modelling Software Licenses On-Demand to Consultants

ARANZ Geo, a world leader in the visualisation and interpretation of geological sciences for the mining, hydrogeology and geothermal industries, is now offering consultants highly flexible on-demand licenses for its Leapfrog® 3D geological modelling software.

The new licensing options give consultants the flexibility to rent Leapfrog software only when they need it.  Leapfrog® Consultant Licenses are available for all Leapfrog products – Leapfrog Geo, Leapfrog Hydro and Leapfrog Geothermal.

We understand how consultants work and we want to offer them a flexible solution.  Rather than being locked into a year-long contract consultants can rent Leapfrog as they need it for a specific project. As we have such large groups of users from the corporate sector this allows consultants to use the software their customers’ use which is a big advantage.

Shaun Maloney, CEO of ARANZ

Easy to use 3D geological modelling software

Leapfrog is fast and dynamic geological modelling software that dramatically speeds up the modelling process, saving users time and cost by allowing them to consider alternative hypotheses and produce more robust models.  Leapfrog software manages large projects with ease as it can handle massive data sets and interfaces with numerous other packages.

Maloney says, “Leapfrog is quick and easy to learn making a short term license a viable option.  To help kick start use we also have help and training available worldwide.”

Multiple models aid geologic interpretation

Integrating Leapfrog into the workflow will not only expedite the first iteration of a model, but will facilitate the construction of multiple versions and refinements to test and compare, all done in the same time as a single model would once have been made.

Independent Consulting Geologist Patrick ‘PJ’ Hollenbeck

Hollenbeck says the ability to create multiple models is not only helpful for internal use, but is extremely pragmatic when communicating with a client as it encourages discussion about which model should be considered the best.

Consultants can contribute to the conversation regarding geologic interpretation by presenting hypotheses to the client that they may not have considered and that may well become a new target for investigation. Consultants can aid the client in their future endeavours beyond the model estimation. In a highly competitive market this provides real value added benefits.

Exceptional graphics for compelling presentations

Maloney says Leapfrog’s state of the art 3D graphics are touted to be the best in the industry and when combined with its speed, ease of use, and multiple model capability make the software a compelling presentation and communication tool.  “So good in fact that a major mining company made Leapfrog mandatory for all senior management and board presentations.”

On-demand Leapfrog® Consultant Licenses

Leapfrog® Consultant Licenses start from one day and range to several months. Importantly in the consulting world, licenses can be paid for later to fit with project payment cycles. Users are sent a personalised micro dongle (key) to unlock the software along with details on help and training available worldwide from Leapfrog’s regional support network.

Maloney says, “We pride ourselves on being market led and we recognise this is what the consultancy sector needs – a short term license offering.”

For further information on the on-demand Leapfrog® Consultant Licenses visit:

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