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Fairmont Completes First Blast on Buttercup Property

Fairmont Resources Inc. ("Fairmont") announces that it has completed the first blast on the Buttercup Property. This blast was designed to collect additional dense aggregate for customer testing. Most of the material collected in channel sampling for customer testing has now been used, with another 200 kg recently being sent to a large private Canadian Industrial Minerals Company ("CIMC") for dense aggregate testing.

Fairmont is also pleased to announce that it will be working with the "Centre de formation professionnelle de Forestville" ("CFPF") (, in connection with their existing educational programs and their new Diamond Drilling program, where students will have the opportunity to learn while working in a real exploration project at Fairmont's Forestville Quartzite Property.

The first blast at the Buttercup Property, completed on April 7, 2015, consisted of approximately 15-20 tonnes, of which 250 kg of dense aggregate has been collected and taken to La Baie, Quebec for future customer testing. The blast was completed by Dynamitage Express of Saguenay, Quebec, under the supervision of Magnor Exploration of La Baie, Quebec.

At the request of a large private CIMC, 200 kg of material, from the Buttercup property, were delivered to their office this week for grinding and grain size distribution testing for dense aggregate applications. This CIMC has annual sales in excess of 1.5 million tonnes of bulk handled Industrial Minerals with global customers. Their initial interest is for the dense aggregate for customers producing concrete coated pipelines.

The CFPF will initially complete construction on roads, timber harvesting, and diamond drilling at the Forestville Quartzite Property. If the exploration phase is successful, it is expected that additional opportunities in permitting, site preparation and mining would continue between Fairmont and the CFPF on the Forestville Quartzite Property.

The Forestville Quartzite property is located 20 kilometres north-northwest of the town of Forestville, Quebec. The property has been optioned for the purpose of testing the chemical and physical properties of the quartzite as potential raw material source of high purity glass, fibre optics, ferrosilicon and silica metal.

About Fairmont

Fairmont's Quebec properties cover numerous occurrences of high-grade titaniferous magnetite with vanadium. Where these occurrences have been tested they have display exceptional uniformity with respect to grade. These occurrences are of considerable interest due to their proximity to tide water, with the Grand Anse Sea Terminal at the Port of Saguenay located within 100km of all of Fairmont's Quebec properties. Fairmont also has high purity quartz and quartzite properties along Quebec's North Shore from Lac-Saint-Jean to Baie-Comeau. Fairmont's goal is to become one of the dominant publically traded industrial minerals companies in Canada.


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