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RES Completes Commercial Component Testing for Separation, Purification of Rare Earth Elements

Rare Earth Salts (´RES" or the "Company"), a leading mineral and applications technology company, today announced that it has, using its proprietary technology, successfully completed large-scale commercial component testing for the separation and purification of rare earth elements.

"This accomplishment represents a major milestone for RES," said Dr. Joseph Brewer, Chief Executive Officer of RES. "We have now generated sufficient data on our commercial size cell to effectively eliminate any and all scalability concerns for the technology. Given the modular nature of our process, we are confident that our technology is now ready for initial production and will demonstrate our ability to favorably compete directly with China."

"Our data at commercial scale points to increased efficiency and improved performance over our previously scaled components, allowing us to comfortably project markedly less than Chinese separation cost for 99.9% purity," added Dr. Brewer. "The rare earth industry has been challenged by a difficult market. It has long been our belief that technological innovation is required for Western producers to achieve profitability and compete directly with their Chinese counterparts. We believe our technology provides a solution that represents the potential for a fundamental shift in the rare earth industry."

The process has been tested on samples from five continents, consisting of more than a dozen different geological ore types, utilizing raw head ore, post-processed mining tailings, as well as recycled materials.
The environmentally friendly process recovers and reutilizes virtually all consumables allowing RES to project some of the lowest operating costs in the industry.

About Rare Earth Salts
Rare Earth Salts is a leading industrial and applications technology company with the goal of achieving near term commercial production. The Company has developed a patent pending industrial technology proven to efficiently and economically separate and refine all 16 Rare Earth Elements to high purity. The process is environmentally friendly and projects significantly reduced cost versus standard processing. For more information visit:


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