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Dynacor Reports 90% Completion of Ore Processing Plant

Dynacor Gold Mines Inc. (Dynacor or the Corporation) is pleased to release a 3rd progress report on the construction of its new 300-tonne per day ore processing plant located in Chala in Southern Peru. As of the 22nd of March, construction is 90% complete. The Corporation expects to finish the construction of the Veta Dorada plant in April.


The core plant area is 100% complete, including ore chutes, ore crusher circuits, ball mills, cyanidation tanks and all the civil engineering, access roads, perimeter security and worker accommodation and rest areas. The ore reception area including the ore weighing station and ore storage area are operational.

Installation of the seven (7) cyanidation tanks on their bases has been completed and installation of the two (2) primary ore crushers and the three (3) conical ore crushers is 95% complete. Ore transport conveyor belts for Circuits I, II and III and the two 7'x8' ball mills have been installed.

Construction of the tailing pond is 90% complete, construction of the desorption plant is 75% complete and the laboratory and foundry buildings are 50% complete and should be finished and fully equipped during the month of April.

Construction of the plant is moving forward quickly. Table 1 below, summarizes the progress to date. Photos of the construction are posted every month on the website (

Table 1. Construction Status of the Veta Dorada Ore Processing Plant

Engineering 100 % Core plant area 100% complete, including ore chutes, ore transport conveyor belts, cyanidation tanks, contention walls
Installation of two 7'x8' ball mills and 25, 40 and 150-ton ore hoppers 100 % Completed
Electrical power from national grid 100 % At present 250 KW from grid, 1.5 MW available July 2016
Construction and installation of the 7 cyanidation tanks 95 % QC/QA of the welding and the electrical hook-up assembly are currently being performed. Final anticorrosive painting is underway
Installation of 2 primary ore crushers and 3 conical ore crushers 95 % Electrical hook-up is pending
Desorption plant building 75 % Including civil engineering and equipment installation
Laboratory and sample preparation building 50 % Building and equipment to be completed in April
Foundry building 50 % Building and equipment to be completed in April
Water supply, distribution and waste water treatment plant 90 % Construction of 2 wells, pumps and water storage tanks has been completed. A full water treatment plant has been installed and includes biodigesters and tertiary treatment systems
Tailing pond 90 % Phase 1 completed: initial capacity for 18 months (150,000 tonnes). Completion in April 2016. Geomembrane and pumping systems are currently being installed
Plant electrical systems & power distribution 50 % This is the last step and should be completed and tested in April

Looking Forward

Once the plant bigins operations, the ore processing capacity of the Veta Dorada plant can be increased from 300 tpd to 360 tpd without any further permitting and with a small capital investment. Furthermore, the entire plant has been designed and engineered to allow further step by step increases to 450 tpd and 600 tpd in the future.

Finally, considerable operational cost savings are expected as compared to Dynacor's current Metalex-Huanca plant including: energy costs, transportation costs, tailing pond cost per ton, lower use of chemical reagents through recycling and lower overall operational costs due a higher ore throughput. Overall these cost savings will lead to an increase in the gross operating margin per ounce of gold produced as compared to the current Metalex-Huanca plant.

Pictures below from top to bottom showing the ball mills and the cyanidation circuit, the weighing station and the pressurized desorption tower.

Ball mills and the cyanidation circuit:
Weighing station:
Pressurized desorption tower:


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