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Zadar Ventures Provides Update on Canadian Uranium Project Portfolio

Vancouver, British Columbia. Zadar Ventures Ltd. is pleased to provide an update with respect to the Company’s significant Canadian uranium project portfolio.

Zadar was founded on the strength of a suite of highly prospective advanced uranium exploration projects, and while the Company has recently added a set of exciting Nevada lithium projects, Zadar maintains a large holding of high quality uranium assets. Company management upholds a bullish long-term view on the uranium market and in particular believes that its Canadian uranium projects present shareholders with an exceptional opportunity for exposure to two specialty minerals; Uranium and Lithium.

Zadar’s Uranium Assets:

  • Pasfield Lake Uranium Project – Athabasca Basin (32,415 hectares)
  • West Carswell Uranium Project – Athabasca Basin (8,106 hectares)
  • Riverlake Uranium Project – Athabasca Basin (5,559 hectares)
  • Upper Poulton Uranium Project – Athabasca Basin (1,746.5 hectares)
  • Whiskey Gap – Alberta (107,726.2 hectares)
  • $12 million in exploration data and work compiled by Triex Minerals

Together, the Company holds over 42,800 hectares of highly prospective, advanced uranium exploration projects in the Athabasca Basin. The Athabasca Basin in Northern Saskatchewan is a well-known location for active uranium extraction, development and exploration; indeed all major uranium producers have a presence in the Basin.

The Pasfield Lake, West Carswell and Riverlake advanced Athabasca Basin exploration projects represent the uranium development package that was created and advanced by Triex Minerals Corporation (“Triex”) during the 2000’s, that culminated in more than $10 million in exploration expenditures, resulting in an impressive project dataset, to which Zadar now holds 100% interest. The value of the historical data compilation and exploration work conducted on these projects under the guidance of Dr. Michael Gunning. Ph.D, P.Geo., cannot be understated. Dr. Gunning has a proven track record of uranium discovery in the Athabasca Basin, and this suite of projects represents high priority, advanced exploration targets Dr. Gunning personally developed during his management of Triex Explorations. Zadar management has prioritized the Pasfield Lake Project as the most compelling of the Company’s holdings and will actively be seeking to advance the project this season.

Importantly, the majority of these mineral dispositions claims have had historical assessment work applied to them affording a zero cost to Zadar to maintain them in good standing. Zadar is utilizing this period of quiescence in the uranium market to continually review the large dataset that came with the project portfolio and has prioritized targets for exploration on the Athabasca Basin Projects.


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