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Red Pine Receives Results from On-Going Trench and Surface Mapping Program at Wawa Gold Project

Red Pine Exploration Inc. has received the results from trench samples and additional results from grab samples as part of its on-going trench and surface mapping program at the Wawa Gold Project.

Highlights from the trench sampling program include so far:

  • Discovery of the Surluga Road Shear Zone between the Surluga Deposit and the Hornblende Shear Zone 1.59 grams per tonne ("g/t") gold over 7 metres including 4.85 g/t gold over 2 metres (additional samples pending);
  • Discovery of additional gold-rich tension veins of the Surluga Road Shear Zone where the tension vein containing 20.9 g/t gold was discovered.

Quentin Yarie, President and Chief Executive Officer of Red Pine states "The discovery of the gold-bearing Surluga Road Shear Zone next to the main access road of the property demonstrates that much remains to be found in the immediate vicinity of the > 1 Moz inferred gold resource1. The significance of the discovery of another parallel shear zone cannot be underestimated with respect to the number of ounces of gold within the vicinity of the existing resource. This also add credence to our hypothesis that the footwall of the Surluga Deposit is richer in gold than previously anticipated."

Channel Sampling of Surluga Road Shear Zone and New Insights on Grab Samples

The Surluga Road Shear Zone is located 50 metres west of the Jubilee Shear Zone and 135 metres east of the Hornblende Shear Zone (Figures 1 and 2). To the South it merges with the Jubilee Shear Zone whereas it remains open to the North. The Surluga Road Shear Zone was exposed as part of the on-going trenching program on the Wawa Gold property.

In the part of the trench where channel samples were collected (Table 1), the bottom of the shear zone remains unexposed. This structure has been exposed east of this point for more than 90 metres. From base to top, the structure consists of highly strained (shear) fabrics for approximately 11.8 metres, followed by 30-40 metres of altered weakly deformed diorites with quartz/tourmaline/chloritize tension veins, followed by another sequence of strongly sheared mafic rocks. The structural attributes (foliation, stretching lineation) and style of gold mineralization of the Surluga Road Shear Zone are comparable to those of the Jubilee Shear Zone (Surluga Deposit). Additional channel samples along the easterly continuation of the shear are pending.

The mapping of the Surluga Road Shear Zone following its discovery shows that the high-grade quartz tension vein (20.9 g/t gold), reported in the October 4th, 2016 news release, is located in the projected extension of the Surluga Road Shear Zone. Additional sampling in the area revealed additional gold-bearing quartz veins and shearing (grade of individual grab samples between trace and 12.4 g/t gold), all located in the projected extension of the Surluga Road Shear Zone (Table 2).

Table 1 - Channel samples from the Surluga Road Shear Zone

Sample Id From
TR16-1B 1473502 0 1 1 0.76 Diorite Sheared
TR16-1B 1473503 1 2 1 0.152 Diorite Sheared
TR16-1B 1473504 2 3 1 0.512 Diorite Sheared
TR16-1B 1473505 3 4 1 0.015 Diorite Sheared
TR16-1B 1473506 4 5 1 2.77 Diorite Sheared
TR16-1B 1473508 6 7 1 6.92 Gabbro Sheared

*True width has not been calculated for each individual channel sample currently reported as channel sample length.

Table 2 - Grab samples** in the southern projection of the Surluga Road Shear Zone

Sample Id Structure Gold
Host unit Attributes
1473351 Surluga Road Shear Zone 20.9 Quart Vein
1473953 Surluga Road Shear Zone 12.4 Quart Vein
1473954 Surluga Road Shear Zone 1.54 Diorite Sheared
1473955 Surluga Road Shear Zone 5.33 Diorite + Quartz vein Sheared

** Readers are cautioned that grab samples are selective by nature. The grades and mineralization present are not necessarily representative of other mineralization that may be identified on the property.

Upcoming drill program on the Wawa Gold property

Based on the results of the historic core sampling program and results from trench mapping, Red Pine is now actively selecting the targets for its upcoming drill program on the Wawa Gold property. The main objective of the drill program is to add gold mineralization and get additional structural information in the known gold-bearing structure of the Wawa Gold Corridor and the hangingwall of the Surluga deposit where little to no historic drilling exist. The targeted structures of the Wawa Gold Corridor will be the Hornblende, Jubilee, Surluga Road and William gold zones. In the hangingwall, the main targets will be the Minto A, Minto A North and Minto B structures. The company anticipates that more than one of these structures will be covered in a single drill hole, considering the stacking relation between them.

On-site Quality Assurance/Quality Control ("QA/QC") Measures

Channel and grab samples are transported in security-sealed bags for analyses at Activation Laboratories Ltd. in Timmins, Ontario. Individual samples are labeled, placed in plastic sample bags and sealed. Groups of samples are then placed into durable rice bags that are then shipped. The remaining coarse reject portions of the samples remain in storage at the Activation Laboratories Ltd. in Timmins, Ontario as required in the event that further work or verification is needed.

Red Pine has implemented a quality-control program to comply with best practices in the sampling and analysis of drill core. As part of its QA/QC program for the channel samples, Red Pine inserts external gold standards (low to high grade) and blanks every 20 samples in addition to random standards, blanks, and duplicates.

Qualified Person

Quentin Yarie, P Geo. is the qualified person responsible for preparing, supervising and approving the scientific and technical content of this news release.


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