Gulf of Mexico Oil Leeked Plugged

BP officials must be heaving a sigh of relief for the first time since April as the new cap on the oil leak seems to be holding, and the gush of oil into the Gulf of Mexico now appears to be controlled.

While this has raised the hopes of BP being able to seal it off for good, the Obama administration still feels that the cap may be only a temporary fix.

As per Thad Allen, the commander of the US Coast Guard, while it is an encouraging development this crisis is not over yet. The situation is likened to a soda bottle which has had a seal put on it. No one knows just how long it will hold. There has been no fresh oil flowing into the gulf since yesterday.

The vice president for BP was understandably excited with the development which allowed the company to control the oil flow from the well for the first time in 87 days. At the same time vice president Kent Wells from BP said that the test had just begun and he did not want to create a false sense of excitement.

Live feeds from BP ROV's can be found here


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