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Eloro Resources Completes Second Phase of Geological Mapping and Sampling at La Victoria Gold/Silver Property in Peru

Eloro Resources Ltd. ("Eloro") has completed the second phase of geological mapping and sampling in the San Markito-Victoria area (San Markito and San Felipe 2 concessions) in the northern part of the La Victoria property (Figure 1). This program, led by Dr. Osvaldo Arce and Luc Pigeon, M.Sc., P.Geo., the General Manager of Eloro's Peruvian subsidiary covered an area of approximately 370 ha concentrated on the three-plus km of potential strike length of the silver-gold mineralized breccias at the San Markito zone. In the course of the mapping work, 130 rock samples were taken with most samples being continuous channels by gas-powered diamond saw or chip sampling. These samples were analyzed for gold (Au) and silver (Ag) by fire assay and 31 element ICP analysis to define geochemical trends. Significant results are shown in Table 1 below. Figure 2 (Ag) and Figure 3 (Au) are maps showing sample results along with distribution of alteration and mineralization, including previous reported sample results.

The best gold values from the Victoria zone were 8.91 g/t Au (and trace silver) over 0.5m; 2.40 g/t Au and 86.1 g/t g/t Ag over 0.50m and 0.81 g Au/t with 229 g/t Ag over 3.50m. Anomalous gold values can be traced for more than 1.0 kilometre along strike and appear to indicate a potential gold-rich target area east of San Markito. The best silver values were 994 g/t Ag with 0.35 g/t Au in a continuous diamond saw channel sample over 4.00m and 390 g/t Ag with 0.53 g/t Au over 1.53m and >1.0% Pb This further confirms previous sampling which returned values up to 2.27 g/t Au and up to 1814 g/t Ag with up to 16.82% Pb The silver anomaly in the San Markito area extends over 1.5 km in strike length. Au, Ag, Pb and arsenic (As) are positively correlated, including anomalous antimony (Sb).

Gold-silver mineralization on the La Victoria property is spatially and structurally associated with a series of dioritic to granodioritic intrusive rocks that intrude sandstone and shale of the Chicama and Chimu Formations. In the San Markito-Victoria area Ag-Au occurs at or near an intrusive contact within an extensive area of hydrothermal alteration approximately 4km long by up to 1km wide. Alteration is characterized by silicic, argillic and limonitic alteration, surrounded by a halo of propylitic alteration. This alteration is likely in the upper part of a major low sulphidation epithermal system. Mineralization is comprised of a wide variety of types including veins, dykes, veinlets, breccias, crackle breccias, boxworks and stockworks with multiple stages of mineralization evident. The best grade mineralization appears to be associated with NW-SE striking faults cutting this alteration zone.

Tom Larsen, President and CEO of Eloro commented: "We are continuing to expand our target areas and better understand the extensive mineralized system. The current study area is approximately 2km northwest of the Ccori Orcco area (Figure 1) which will be the target of a future geological mapping and sampling program. This area has a very similar geological signature to San Markito-Victoria and preliminary work indicates that the alteration and mineralization extends into this area which has the potential to become another major target area on the property. We will be carrying out additional IP surveys in the San Markito-Victoria area to better define drill targets. Diamond drilling at both San Markito and Rufina is expected to commence in the first part of 2017 once final permits are received."

Dr. Bill Pearson, P.Geo., Chief Technical Advisor for Eloro added: "This work continues to confirm the presence of a major epithermal system with multiple stages of mineralization in the San Markito-Victoria area in the northern part of the La Victoria property. The intensity of alteration and the wide range of styles of mineralization is very encouraging. It should be noted that some of the surface samples were oxidized, in some cases intensely, such that the values may have been affected by leaching in the surface environment."

Table 1: Significant results, Phase II Sampling Program

M002023 9032798 172553 4108 4.0 0.35 994.0 >1.00
M002137 9082980 173348 4188 0.5 8.91 tr >1.00
M002155 9082890 173276 4198 0.5 2.40 86.1 0.99
M002154 9082924 173256 4185 0.5 1.02 tr 0.05
M002032 9082741 172559 4078 3.5 0.81 229.0 >1.00
M002077 9082742 172535 4107 1.0 0.80 298.0 >1.00
M002079 9082820 172546 4090 2.3 0.77 68.7 0.16
M002076 9082738 172574 4103 1.3 0.53 390.0 >1.00
M002156 9082890 173276 4198 0.5 0.49 tr 0.06
M002099 9082434 172376 3876 2.0 0.40 tr tr

Acquisition of New Property in Rufina Area

Eloro has acquired an additional mining concession, Romina 3, covering approximately 600ha, that ties on to the western boundary of the Rufina Concession in the southwest corner of the La Victoria property (see inset map Figure 1).

At Rufina, gold mineralization occurs principally within quartz veins in shear zones within dioritic intrusive and sedimentary rocks. Work to date by Eloro has identified five vein shear sets of 20m to 70m in width in the western part of the mineralized zone. Vein sets are composed of iron oxide-quartz-arsenopyrite veins, in veinlet swarms, stockworks, and breccia zones. Three surface samples from the mineralized zone averaged 8.8 g/t gold and 23.8 g/t silver, while one 50cm chip sample taken from an artisanal adit returned 15.1 g/t gold, 136.5 g/t silver, with 1.61% lead and 3.75% zinc. In the northern part of Rufina at higher elevations, the mineralized rocks are oxidized and have argillic alteration suggesting potential for heap-leachable gold mineralization. The recently completed IP survey shows that the high resistance diorite (the main mineralized lithology present on the Rufina zone) is concentrated near the surface in this area and is underlain by conductive and chargeable sedimentary rocks; this target, known as Rufina North, will be tested in the planned drill program.

For additional technical information on the La Victoria Project, the reader is referred to the NI 43-101 Technical Report on the La Victoria Au-Ag Property, Ancash, Peru filed under Eloro's profile on SEDAR (


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