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Leading Edge Materials Reports Latest Results from High Purity Battery Graphite Qualification Test Work

Leading Edge Materials Corp. ("Leading Edge Materials") or (the "Company") (TSX VENTURE:LEM)(OTCQB:LEMIF) is pleased to announce the latest results from process optimization and qualification test work to produce high value products using graphite from the Company's Woxna mine and processing facility in Sweden.

Electrochemical, material property and purity results achieved in this recent qualification test work significantly exceeded those previously accomplished. The Woxna high purity spherical graphite product is now of a quality to warrant progression to 18650 lithium ion battery cell manufacture, followed by standard tests including High Precision Coulometry (HPC) to measure anode and cathode performance and stability under "real-world" conditions.

Highlights of the latest test work include:

  • Tap Density of 0.95 g/cc (target is greater than or equal to 0.95 g/cc)
  • Sample purity of 99.9988%C (only 12ppm impurities)
  • Reversible capacity of 370-371 mAh/g

Blair Way, President and CEO, stated, "We are very pleased with the high purity achieved by thermal purification of the Woxna concentrate at an active commercial site in the United States. These recent tests demonstrate that Woxna high purity spheroidal graphite has the electrochemical properties potentially suitable for use in automotive lithium ion batteries. Our Woxna concentrate stockpile can provide very large volumes of graphite concentrate for ongoing qualification and when appropriate scaled-up pilot plant test work."

A commercial graphite flotation concentrate from the Woxna mine in Sweden was shipped to an independent laboratory for ongoing high purity spheroidal flowsheet development. Samples progress through a methodical campaign of tests followed by analysis to identify key characteristics such as graphitic carbon content, tap density, BET surface area, particle size distribution, reversible capacity and cell life cycle testing (HPC). The company will provide further updates as test work progresses.


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