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AVEW Holdings Announces Availability of Unlimited Supply of High-Quality Precious Metal Ore

AVEW Holdings, Inc. today announced that the company has an unlimited supply of high-quality precious metal ore available to purchase for its precious metal recovery business. Ore from the current operations as well as multiple old closed gold and silver mines throughout the United States is available. Existing mining companies are offering this high quality rich precious metal ore to AVEW Holdings Inc. The currently available ore contains more than three decades worth of supply and is from only two of the three ore locations that AVEW has tested and proven to contain high-quality precious metal content.

In the near future, AVEW expects to sign long-term contracts with several major U.S. ore suppliers. AVEW Holdings has tested and proven three different ores from Utah, Arizona, and Nevada with a very high degree of success in the recovery of gold and silver.

AVEW's current processing and precious metal recovery plans are for 4 to 6 tons of ore per month with a long term plan to increase production to 10 tons per month. The process is Eco-friendly with no hazardous chemical use.

AVEW's selection and research of rich precious metal ore suppliers and refining companies are a company priority and management feels very confident that these entities will support AVEW today and in throughout decades to come.

Commenting on the selection, CEO, Jose Chavez, stated, "We have taken hard steps and expenses to test and prove that the materials, ores and precious metal recovery method is our future. AVEW management team has taken on-hands training, experience, and technical support to assure all phases of AVEW Precious Metal Recovery program will be successful."


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