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AECOM to Evaluate Midas Gold’s Proposed Stibnite Gold Project

Midas Gold Corp. today announced that the United States Forest Service ("U.S. Forest Service") has selected AECOM to assist the agency in evaluating Midas Gold's proposed Stibnite Gold Project. In addition, Midas Gold announced its recent appointments of Alan Haslam as Director of Permitting and Mckinsey Lyon as Director of Public Affairs, complementing its leadership team with additional permitting and public relations expertise.

"The selection of AECOM as contractor to the U.S. Forest Service and recent senior management appointments represent continuing progress in the advancement of the Stibnite Gold Project following the filing of Midas Gold's Plan of Restoration and Operations," said Stephen Quin, President & CEO of Midas Gold Corp. "Our expanded management team looks forward to working with AECOM in advancing the review of the project, which envisions restoration of a brownfields site in conjunction with the redevelopment of a modern mining operation that is protective of the environment and provides economic and employment benefits to Valley County, Idaho and the United States of America."

AECOM, a fully integrated global infrastructure firm with staff in Boise and McCall, Idaho, will work directly under the supervision of the U.S. Forest Service to assist with the regulatory review process for the Stibnite Gold Project. This partnership, as outlined in a Memorandum of Agreement ("MOA") between the U.S. Forest Service and Midas Gold Idaho, Inc., is intended to lower the cost of the review process to the public and ensure an efficient and timely review. AECOM was chosen by the U.S. Forest Service after reviewing proposals from several qualified candidates.

"Midas Gold is pleased that the U.S. Forest Service selected a partner with world-class expertise, broad experience and the robust capabilities to assist with the Stibnite Gold Project review so that it is undertaken in a comprehensive, thorough and timely manner, and incorporates community and stakeholder input," said Laurel Sayer, President & CEO of Midas Gold Idaho, Inc. "We are encouraged by the experience, innovative approach, and qualifications AECOM brings to the table."

AECOM brings an Idaho-led team of experts in the National Environmental Policy Act ("NEPA") process and specialists who are experienced in stream restoration, fisheries, biological, physical and social resources. The AECOM team also includes Watson Environmental, Ecosystem Sciences, and ERM as subcontractors for various specialized aspects of the review process for the project.

As a contractor to the U.S. Forest Service, AECOM will assist the agency in the technical review of the Stibnite Gold Project and will aid the U.S. Forest Service so that NEPA procedures and reviews are adhered to and the process is timely and transparent. With AECOM on board as its contractor, the U.S. Forest Service will commence preparing the Environmental Impact Statement ("EIS") for the Stibnite Gold Project, which is a requirement under NEPA. The next step is for the U.S. Forest Service to publish a Notice of Intent in the Federal Register, signaling the agency's intent to prepare the EIS and initiating a 30-day scoping period.

Additions to Midas Gold Leadership Team
Alan Haslam joined Midas Gold Idaho, Inc. as Director of Permitting and is leading the permitting effort for the Stibnite Gold Project. Mr. Haslam was previously Director of Mining for Agrium U.S. Inc. where he permitted several operations, including the open pit Rasmussen Valley Mine, which received a final Record of Decision in January 2017. Mr. Haslam has more than 28 years of regulatory, permitting and operational experience with mines and projects in the US and Canada.

Mckinsey Lyon joined Midas Gold Idaho, Inc. as Director of Public Affairs. Ms. Lyon, most recently a partner at Gallatin Public Affairs, brings with her significant experience in building public support for mining and other large-scale projects in Idaho. Through Gallatin, Ms. Lyon has been involved with Midas Gold and the Stibnite Gold Project for the past five years, assisting with developing community and government relations.

"Achieving the timeline announced by the U.S. Forest Service for the Stibnite Gold Project requires a dedicated team focused on ensuring that a detailed and comprehensive review is completed in a timely manner," said Stephen Quin, President & CEO of Midas Gold Corp. "Mr. Haslam brings proven ability to navigate the federal and Idaho regulatory processes, while Ms. Lyon brings a deep understanding of Idaho politics, extensive experience in community engagement, and a record of success on similar projects. These additions complement our already experienced and knowledgeable leadership team at Midas Gold that has been successfully advancing the project over the past several years."

Stibnite Gold Project Background
In September of 2016, Midas Gold Idaho, Inc. submitted its Plan of Reclamation and Operations ("PRO") for the restoration, re-development and operation of the Stibnite Gold Project in Valley County, Idaho. The PRO was deemed administratively complete by the U.S. Forest Service in December 2016.

A detailed presentation on the PRO can be found at Details of previous news releases and technical studies can be found filed under Midas Gold's profile on SEDAR ( or at

About Midas Gold and the Stibnite Gold Project
Midas Gold Corp., through its wholly owned subsidiaries are focused on the exploration and, if warranted, site restoration and development of gold-antimony-silver deposits in the Stibnite-Yellow Pine district of central Idaho that are encompassed by its Stibnite Gold Project.


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