Black Tusk Resources Aims to Use AI and Blockchain Technologies for Exploration Activities

Black Tusk Resources Inc. stated that it is looking out for partners and services providers to help the company in adding innovative technologies that can provide a strategic lead over traditional exploration approaches.

Specifically, Black Tusk has been exploring Artificial Intelligence (AI) for image recognition for detecting gold grades and blockchain technologies for guaranteeing custody of samples and drill cores linked to its properties.

Black Tusk Resources hired Mr. John Cooper to its Advisory Board on December 14, 2018. After being added to the Advisory Board, Mr. Cooper has been researching and investigating new technologies that apply to the contemporary mining and metals industry.

We have identified some interesting opportunities where Black Tusk can become a leader in mining and metals industry through technological innovation. I am excited to work with the team in reviewing these options and building and implementing a road map for technology development and Black Tusk’s future growth.

John Cooper, Advisory Board Member, Black Tusk Resources

In late 2018, Black Tusk set out to investigate modernizing our current techniques and methods for traditional mineral exploration. Although some of these technologies are fairly new applications, artificial intelligence and machine learning can help mining companies to find minerals to extract, a critical component of any smart operation. Researching the possibility to review all the geological info available to find better drill locations is very exciting. We are also looking at blockchain technologies to track exploratory extractions from our properties. Bringing new technologies to an old game.

Richard Penn, CEO, Black Tusk Resources

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