Centaurus Announces Completion of Joint Venture and Strategic Land Acquisition Agreement with Apache

Centaurus Diamond Technologies, Inc. takes pleasure in announcing that it has completed the joint venture and strategic land acquisition agreement with Apache Mill Tailings USA, Inc. on Apache’s 24-acre Johnny Bull Mine in Chloride, Arizona, for $10,080,000 in stock and cash.

Apache swapped 10 million shares of Centaurus’ stock and $80,000 in cash for conducting operations on Johnny Bull Mine and granting all recovered diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and gemstones to Centaurus. Apache will also exchange all noble metals and rare earth minerals to Centaurus at 20% less than spot market price. Moreover, both companies have signed an agreement to share 2% of net revenue from their separate revenue streams that come from the mining complex.

The Johnny Bull Mine is a 24-acre lot beside the popular gold mining town of Chloride, Arizona. It is located <90 minutes away from Las Vegas. Eight holes drilled in the early 1900s along a Kimberly dike are spaced about 200 to 370 feet away from each other. Operations stopped when the Federal Government banned nonstrategic mining during the Second World War, and there have been no mining operations to date. Thanks to the modern improvements in technology, it is currently practical to produce the remaining value from the milled and mined tailing piles.

Sierra Enterprises, LLC, has been hired by Apache to start the operations in late May. More than one million tons of tailings are available for instant processing; it has been evaluated that the entire ore deposits are worth $22 billion.

To confirm the mineral wealth, spectroscopic assays were performed from the same places that were assayed earlier by William Crutchfield Jr for the Santa Fe Railroad in 1980. It was a pleasant surprise that all eight locations had hit a rich Kimberly Dike, because of the formation of a local caldera due to volcanic activity. The most likely pit assay identified 1.6 oz/ton of gold and 14.5 oz/ton of silver, a very rich gemstone deposit, and high amounts of lead and zinc.

After reviewing the latest spectroscopy assay data and imagery, as well as the third-party assay reports, it made for an easy decision for our Board of Directors in the interest of our shareholders. We have minimized our costs and risks in this venture and stand to profit greatly as we integrate these ‘Made In America’ diamonds and gemstones into our operations for both industrial and jewelry-grade use.

Chas Radovich, CEO, Centaurus Diamond Technologies, Inc.

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