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American Pacific Mining Provides Update on Gooseberry Gold-Silver Project

American Pacific Mining Corp., a gold exploration company, is delighted to provide an update on the Gooseberry Au-Ag Project located in the Ramsey Mining District of Storey, Nevada.

Gooseberry Mine—modified long section. Image Credit: American Pacific Mining Corp.

In April 2019, American Pacific Mining had staked the Gooseberry Au-Ag Project, which includes 42 unpatented claims, extending about 708 acres. Later in June 2019, the property was followed up by a sampling program.

The project has been designed vertically up to 1450 ft (442 m) from the surface, with 7 of 10 levels reflecting a considerable underground development. Sporadic mining occurred at the Gooseberry Mine during the period of 1906 to 1991.

We are pleased with the progress of the Gooseberry 3D model, indicating that historic grades were quite robust during the mines productive years. Gooseberry hasn’t been in production for almost 30 years and this data shows the high exploration potential for APM to expand upon the known mineralized zones.

Eric Saderholm, President and Director, American Pacific Mining Corp.

American Pacific Mining has compiled historic underground stope maps from the mid-1980s prepared by Asamera Minerals Inc., the earlier mine operator. These stope maps use wide chip sampling and exhibited the mineralization grade for silver and gold at the time of mine production, with the Gooseberry vein highlighted in red.

American Pacific Mining assumes that the underground stopes were tested by staff at Asamera Minerals as part of the production process to trace the stope grades as well as to sequence upcoming mining. The company also believes that samples were delivered to an internal company laboratory for processing.

Assays obtained from the stope maps comprise the following:

  • 849 Stope Map
    • 1.0 m @ 16.31 g/t Au, 281.56 g/t Ag
    • 1.2 m @ 13.59 g/t Au, 286.25 g/t Ag
  • 850 Stope Map
    • 0.67 m @ 16.38 g/t Au, 622.5 g/t Ag
    • 0.76 m @ 24.38 g/t Au, 557.81 g/t Ag
    • 0.91 m @ 33.31 g/t Au, 447.19 g/t Ag
    • 0.94 m @ 13.94 g/t Au, 514.06 g/t Ag
  • 850 Stope Map
    • 0.82 m @ 12.00 g/t Au, 530.31 g/t Ag
    • 0.94 m @ 19.88 g/t Au, 860.78 Ag
    • 1.1 m @ 32.56 g/t Au, 1143.75 g/t Ag
    • 1.2 m @ 23.25 g/t Au, 928.75 g/t Ag
  • 1000-5 Stope Map
    • 0.91 m @ 25.91 g/t Au, 1099.06 g/t Ag
    • 0.91 m @ 65.31 g/t Au, 4578.75 g/t Ag
  • 1000-7 Stope Map
    • 1.0 m @ 15.70 g/t Au, 382.5 g/t Ag
    • 1.1 m @ 16.40 g/t Au, 398.1 g/t Ag
    • 0.6 m @ 26.30 g/t Au, 681.9 g/t Ag
    • 0.9 m @ 113.8 g/t Au, 3722.2 g/t Ag

The choice of maps come from the 1000-7, 1000-5, 850, and 849 stopes of the Gooseberry Mine. American Pacific Mining believes that these stopes were later mined by Asamera Minerals. The stope maps emphasize the places of specific major assays, as recorded by the in-house team of Asamera Minerals. The approximate location and elevation of the stopes are provided below.

The Ramsey Mining District is huddled among a few of the most prolific and famous mining districts in Nevada, including the Comstock Mining District, situated only 42 km west of Gooseberry.

The Gooseberry Project includes almost vertical quartz-dolomite veins ranging from a few inches up to 3 m in width depending on historical records.

The quartz-dolomite veins follow an east-west structural zone and can be tracked for several hundred feet at the surface. Various veins present close to the mine host mineralization, with occasional regions of significant gypsum, jarosite, as well as disseminated pyrite.

The Gooseberry Au-Ag Project includes gold-silver bearing vein structures that are defined as low-sulfidation epithermal style mineralization, characterized by the presence of kaolinite and adularia and banded to cockade quartz textures.

The latest targets for exploring the Gooseberry Au-Ag Project have been discovered based on the data compiled by American Pacific Mining.


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