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New Water Treatment Product Range Launched for the Mining Industry

H2O Innovation Inc. (“H2O Innovation” or the “Corporation”) is pleased to announce a new product range from its independent subsidiary, Genesys, dedicated to the mining industry.

The manufacturer of specialty chemicals for water treatment systems, Genesys, launched the Genmine range following three and a half years of exhaustive research and product development. The range includes antiscalants and cleaners designed to tackle issues specific to the treatment of minewater. There is also a software package to help plant operators work out which antiscalant to use and gauge the appropriate dosage level and frequency.

The use of membranes to treat water in the mining industry has exploded in the last five years. Genesys has identified over 400 membrane plants being used around the world to treat waste minewater for reuse or discharge into the environment as well as to enhance the recovery of precious metals. These plants tend to operate outside the membrane manufacturers’ usage guidelines, due to the extreme chemistry of minewater, which contains excessive levels of sulphates, suspended solids and soluble metals. These characteristics can lead to challenging scaling and fouling of membranes – challenges Genesys was keen to address.

The new antiscalants we have formulated can operate at extremes of pH, both acidic and alkaline, to control calcium sulphate and other common scales. The entire range is uniquely formulated to increase membrane life, reduce downtime, increase energy efficiency and reduce cleaning frequency”.

Steve Chesters, Managing Director, Genesys

Already well positioned, the Genesys team is supplying over 20 mines worldwide with its other products and estimates that the potential market is between $30-40 M. The Genmine range should give Genesys a significant advantage in penetrating this new but fast-growing market. Genmine will now be available through the Corporation’s large specialty chemicals distribution network (combining PWT and Genesys), which includes 100 distributors active in more than 70 countries.


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