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African Gold Offers Update from Extensive Metallurgical Test Work Program

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African Gold Group, Inc. has given an update on its extensive metallurgical test work program initiated as part of a definitive feasibility study.

Metallurgical Testing Highlights

  • The possibility for constant gold recovery of 96% across all the ore types, increased from 80% earlier, was confirmed
  • Easy and compact process plant flowsheet reduces the need for high-cost and long lead process equipment
  • The tried and tested process flowsheet is affordable and easy to operate with respect to operating and capital costs
  • Versatility to surpass 100,000 oz per year of output as established by input feed grade
  • Very low abrasiveness and hardness of ore leads to reduced wear on mill media and liners as well as extremely low power requirement
  • Less harmful elements lead to low operating cost and low reagent use
  • The highly flexible process has the ability to handle different ore types and ore grades with no considerable increase in the utilization of the reagent
  • Since the need for oxygen improved sparging in the leach tanks is avoided, an oxygen plant is not needed

The Phase 2 metallurgical test work has concluded a very comprehensive, but fast-tracked test work programme on time and under budget. The focus for the DFS is to develop a low capital, low maintenance, robust and flexible process route, whilst ensuring that comprehensive analysis of composite ore from the open pit zone was undertaken.

Danny Callow, Chief Operating Officer, African Gold Group, Inc.

Callow added, “I am very pleased that the test work has proven the processability of our Kobada Gold Project ore, through a proven process technology, consistent with most oxide operations in West Africa. This is a major step towards finalizing the DFS by Q2-2020 and completing the process plant design.”

As a part of the DFS, the Company has concluded a definitive metallurgical study on composite ore samples throughout the mineralized regions.

As a follow-up of the February 24th, 2020 announcement, the African Gold Group Finalizes Optimized Flowsheet, the Company has confirmed that completion of the Phase 2 program has been achieved on time and within the proposed budget.

As part of Phase 1, the optimum treatment path was analyzed by evaluating potential gold recovery techniques. In Phase 2 metallurgical test work, the processing flowsheet was optimized to acquire the parameters for the highest gold recovery.

Recovery test work and variability comminution were also carried out to determine the degree of variability within the ore zones regarding their metallurgical reaction with the help of the maximum conditions identified in Phase 2.

Maelgywn Mineral Services located in South Africa completed the test work. MMS was retained by SENET, the Company’s project manager for the DFS. Once the extensive metallurgical test work program is completed, the design of the ore processing plant for the Kobada Gold Project will be finalized by SENET.

We are very pleased with the outcome of the test work for the Kobada Gold Project. The results show exceptional gold recoveries with very low leach residence times, and very low reagent consumptions.

Phil Bundo, Process Director, SENET

Bundo added, “This allows us to fast-track the design for a typical West African oxide process plant, which will save us significant engineering design time. The results of the test work show that the process plant will be capable of handling all oxide ore type blends, whilst maintaining a high gold recovery and low operating costs.”

The aim of the Company is to complete the DFS in Q2 of 2020. Although there have been access restrictions due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and delays due to the lockdown, the Company has continuously worked from remote locations to finish the study within the given deadlines. The total cost to the Company to deliver the DFS is anticipated to be delivered within the budget.


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