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Harfang Provides Update on Summer Exploration Activities at Serpent Property

Harfang Exploration Inc., a mining exploration company, has provided the latest information on a recently concluded, Induced Polarization (IP) geophysical survey as well as an update on the forthcoming summer exploration activities to be carried out on its fully owned Serpent Property located in James Bay, Québec.

The IP survey, which was concluded across the Mista trend, has successfully identified a chargeability axis, measuring over 800 m long and superposed to the Mista Cu-Au-Ag prospect (7.7 g/t silver (Ag), 0.99% copper (Cu), and 0.20 g/t gold (Au) over 11.7 m in trenching).

The Mista Cu-Au-Ag prospect refers to a sulfide-bearing quartz-rich arenite induced by quartz veins that were already traced at surface across a length of 350 m by Harfang Exploration’s group. The IP axis indicates the continuation of the mineralization beneath the vegetation and soil toward the west.

The survey result has confirmed the relevance of Harfang Exploration’s technique to detect mineralized rocks by mapping chargeability and conductivity (resistivity) of metallic minerals present in the bedrock.

This summer, Harfang Exploration will expand the IP survey across the gold-in-till anomaly spanning a region of 4 km2 in the southwestern portion of the Serpent Property. A set of nine till samples comprising between 26 and 324 gold grains had defined that anomaly.

Gold analytical results obtained from the non-magnetic heavy mineral concentrates of the till samples, which were recently acquired from Actlabs (Ancaster, Ontario), yielded highly noteworthy results, such as several samples grading from 1 to >30 g/t Au.

Stuart Averill (P.Geo), the founder and chairman of Overburden Drilling Management Ltd., informed that the gold-in-till anomaly at the Serpent Property may be regarded as one of the most important in Canada. Overburden Drilling Management was authorized to continue the gold grain count of the till samples.

According to Harfang Exploration, this unexplored part of the Serpent Property might probably denote a high-priority prospective target and requires a serious exploration work. At the Serpent Property, high-grade gold occurrences are primarily related to the shear zone-hosted quartz veins. The main East-West structural break, stretching across more than 4 km and interpreted from magnetic discontinuities, indicates a major target up-ice of the gold-in-till anomaly.

Summer activities will involve elaborate prospecting, mechanical trenching, and soil/till sampling across the structural break and the gold-in-till anomaly. After detecting the IP anomalies and the related gold mineralization, a drilling program can potentially be developed.

Harfang Exploration’s personnel and its contractors will work under a COVID-19 management and mitigation plan. The health and safety of all persons involved in the project will be handled by the Corporation. So far, Harfang Exploration’s workforce has remained healthy and devoid of the viral symptoms.

Serpent Property

The Serpent Property, next to the James Bay Road, is located approximately 80 km south of Radisson. It includes 552 mining claims spanning an area of 28,312 hectares. It is located next to the La Pointe gold deposit and the newly identified La Pointe Extension owned by Quebec Precious Metals Corporation and is situated close to the contact between the Opinaca and La Grande subprovinces.

SL Exploration Inc.’s employees collected the till samples from hand-dug pits at depths of up to 1 m. Sampling locations are separated from one another by about 200-250 m and spread along the 1 km spaced lines.

Each sample, weighing 11 to 17 kg, was transferred to a plastic bag, which was detected by a particular tag number and tightly sealed with fiber tape. Samples were delivered in two individual batches to Nepean, Ontario-based Overburden Drilling Management, where they were eventually processed.

The non-magnetic heavy mineral concentrates of each sample were later delivered to Actlabs (Ancaster, Ontario) to be tested for gold through neutron activation. Till can be described as a transported surficial media created during active glaciation that may be impacted by further surficial processes, leading to a potential alteration of the gold content.

Hence, the occurrence of a gold anomaly in the till sample is not concrete proof of a mineral deposit present within the limits of the Serpent Property.

The sampling process as well as the quality control relating to the till program accorded with the procedures set by Overburden Drilling Management and SL Exploration. Les Consultants Inlandsis, Overburden Drilling Management, and Harfang Exploration’s qualified employees interpreted the results.


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