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MacDonald Mines Restarts its 2020 Drilling Program at the SPJ Project

MacDonald Mines Exploration Ltd., a mineral exploration company, has announced that in lieu of the recently implemented rigorous health protocols, it has restarted its 2020 drilling program after momentarily suspending the operations in view of the COVID-19 crisis at its SPJ Project, situated 40 km east of Sudbury in Ontario.

Scadding Deposit IP survey results. Image Credit: MacDonald Mines Exploration Ltd.

MacDonald Mines Exploration remains sufficiently funded as the ongoing Spring 2020 exploration program progresses. Results obtained from two holes during the winter 2020 drilling program are still pending and will be announced once they are obtained.

The resource definition drilling program, which is being conducted, is focused on measuring the grade and size of the high-grade gold mineralization located in the North Pit region of the Scadding Deposit.

Results obtained from the 12 holes that were drilled this winter—that is, before the COVID shutdown—suggest that gold mineralization present in the North Pit area continues to be uncovered in all directions and that the width of the mineralized zones is constant at depth. So far, mineralization present in the North Pit area has been traced up to 150 m laterally and across more than 200 m down-dip along strike.

2020 Spring Drilling Program

The initial stage of the 2020 drilling program has been planned to additionally extend the footprint of mineralization present in the North Pit region that continues to be uncovered in all directions. Additional stages will also test the extension of the high-grade mineralization zone identified north of the eastern end of the East-West pit in hole SM-19-022.

Using the latest IP survey results, MacDonald Mines Exploration has recently identified that folds present in the sedimentary rocks represent a crucial control on the geometry and location of certain high-grade gold zones that have developed at the Scadding Deposit.

In the East-West pit region, the presence of folds in the sedimentary rocks could have contributed to the stacking and thickening of mineralized zones, as denoted by the consecutive intersections of 11.5 g/t gold over 13.2 m and 11.0 g/t gold over 4.98 m in hole SM-19-022.

This mineralized zone seems to be linked with a robust near-surface IP response and, hence, the quantified IP responses will be utilized to ascertain the additional gold mineralization targets for the spring drill program.

IP Survey Results

Recently, MacDonald Mines Exploration had finished a high-resolution 3D IP survey across the Scadding Deposit to detect structures that manage the emplacement of the gold-bearing chlorite/iron-rich zones. This survey effectively detected the shape of the mineralized zones to depth.

The results obtained from the survey were also verified by integrating structural measurements that were taken at surface at the time of the fall/winter drilling program. These measurements were performed using an oriented drill core.

Incorporating the IP survey with MacDonald Mines Exploration’s geological know-how has enhanced the company’s interpretation of the structural controls on mineralization at the Scadding Deposit and will be important for improving the forthcoming drilling program.

The 3D IP provided the structural image that will also be integrated into MacDonald Mines Exploration’s property-wide exploration program to increase the chance of new findings beyond the Scadding Deposit.

Along with gravity, magnetic, and radiometric surveys that were earlier completed over the SPJ Property, MacDonald Mines Exploration was able to detect targets in which geophysical anomalies correspond with favorable structural trends, analogous to the Scadding Deposit, which are believed to host polymetallic mineralization in the area.

These targets will be followed up by property-wide prospecting and mechanical stripping during the spring and summer 2020.

COVID-19 Update

So far, MacDonald Mines Exploration has neither suspected nor confirmed any COVID-19 cases and it has adopted certain protocols to safeguard its contractors, employees, as well as the community, where it operates. MacDonald Mines Exploration has started a work-from-home policy for corporate as well as non-essential exploration staff.

After the public guidance from the Ontario Health Authority and the Ontario Government, apart from adhering to stringent hygiene protocols, MacDonald Mines Exploration will be operating its drill program with a rotational work schedule, minimal workforce, and designated work regains to reduce the interaction between staff and also minimize the chance of transmitting the virus.

SPJ Property Highlights

  • Complete ownership
  • 18,340 hectares in exceptional mining jurisdiction and near to the infrastructure
  • Hosts the high-grade past creating the Scadding Gold Mine
  • Proof of polymetallic mineralization at the Scadding Deposit, indicating IOCG possibility
  • Substantial gold, silver, copper, nickel, cobalt, and rare earth showings beyond the Scadding Deposit footprint

Traditionally, the Scadding Mine yielded 914 kg of gold from 127,000 tons of mineralized material grading 7.2 g/t (OFR 5771). The company’s reinterpretation of the geological model at the larger SPJ property and the Scadding Deposit suggests that it is likely to host a gold-rich Iron-Oxide-Copper-Gold deposit and that substantial gold structures may have been overlooked by drilling campaigns performed by previous operators (2009-2011).


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