Nano One and Euro Manganese Enter into Joint Development Agreement

Nano One® Materials Corp., a clean technology company that owns patented processes for affordable and low-environmental footprint production of high-performance cathode materials utilized in lithium-ion batteries, and Euro Manganese, a battery raw materials company developing a considerable manganese deposit in the Czech Republic, have entered into a Joint Development Agreement.

Nano One and Euro Manganese Enter into Joint Development Agreement.

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Both the companies will join hands to develop commercially viable and environmentally sustainable applications of high-purity manganese anticipated to be generated by Euro Manganese from its planned Chvaletice Manganese Project.

Evaluation of the manganese will be done by Nano One in the formation of its novel cathode materials inclusive of nickel-rich NMC (lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide) and LNMO (lithium nickel manganese oxide).

Preparation of LNMO and NMC materials will be done with the help of Nano One’s patented One-Pot process, coated nanocrystal powders and M2CAM technology (Metal direct to Cathode Active Material). This allows the use of sulfate-free metals and lithium carbonate as economical and biodegradable feedstocks.

Both LNMO — also called high voltage spinel (HVS) — and NMC have enormous potential in traditional and solid-state battery applications for renewable energy storage, electric vehicles and consumer electronic devices.

LNMO provides power and energy on par with NMC and is highly economical since it is low in nickel, cobalt-free, manganese-rich and does not need surplus lithium. Also, LNMO functions at a voltage that is 25% higher compared to commercial high nickel cathodes, allowing fewer cells, enhanced productivity, efficiency, power and thermal management.

Nano One has ambitious plans to be a major participant in the battery driven transformation of mobility and renewable energy storage, and we are doing so by changing how the world makes cathode materials.

Mr. Dan Blondal, CEO, Nano One

Mr. Blondal continued, “Our LNMO is unique, differentiated and well positioned to address the automotive industry’s recent interest in manganese rich batteries and our coated nanocrystal NMC is targeting demand for increased durability in long range battery applications.

Manganese plays a critical role in both chemistries and we are aligned with Euro Manganese in developing low-cost high-performance cathode materials with a differentiated and environmentally sustainable supply chain,” added Mr. Blondal.

We are delighted to be working with Nano One on developing ways to use our manganese products in its ground-breaking process for making cathode active materials at a time when demand for high-purity manganese products is rising rapidly.

Mr. Marco Romero, CEO, Euro Manganese

Euro Manganese stands to become a leader in sustainably produced battery grade manganese products. We look forward to a day when our manganese and Nano Ones cathode materials are an integral part of the world’s battery supply chain and helping drive the electrification of mobility,” added Mr. Romero.


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