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Tamino Minerals Holds Gold Projects, but Also Interested in Copper

OTC Markets: TINO-October 27, 2021, is pleased to announce that it will soon starts its Exploration Program on its El Volcan Project. This project is a priority but our Geologic Team has an interesting alternate project that we would like to present.

Tamino Minerals, Inc. holds 3 Mining Projects within the State of Sonora. The 3 of them are Gold focused. One of the Gold Projects has been defined as Copper-Gold Porphyry by our Geoscientists. Important facts to consider are:

  • 65% of world Copper Production comes from this deposit type.
  • 20% of world Gold Production comes from this type of deposits.
  • This kind of deposits are polimetalic systems that normally contain copper along with other important metals.
  • Keep in mind that todays metal production is mined from mineral systems of a specific type of Geology.
  • Copper Phorhyrys are most commonly found on the West Coast of the North America and South America along with the Southwest Pacific.

Tamino's Copper-Gold Porphyry is a recent acquisition. The company has begin the preparation of an Environmental Impact Study. Our Environmental Advisors have been adamant on the completion of this document so that we can proceed to drill the site.

The project is drill target ready. We will provide additional details such as location and the size of the Exploration Budget in the near future.

The known Claims hold close to 6,000 hectares. We are planning to negotiate several claims within the area of interest and substantially increase our land positioning.

Price of Copper has been increasing and our intentions are to proceed the Exploration on our own or invite a Major Company for a Joint Venture. Copper demand is also increasing as this metal is considered to be the most widely used in renewable technologies. Major Investment Firms have predicted that by 2030 copper demand will increase nearly by 600%.

The company is focused on exploring Copper-Gold Porphyry Projects in Northern Mexico. Our management team does have substantial experience exploring Copper Projects and will continue to pursue this task.

Tamino Minerals will soon be going through a complete rebranding phase and HTSC is there to oversee this transition. The partnership between Tamino Minerals Inc. and Here to Serve Holding Corp. is a strategic move which is expected to result in a significant increase in asset value.

Here to Serve Holding corp. was compensated 45 Million Common Shares of Tamino Minerals Inc..

TAMINO MINERALS INC. is exploring for Gold deposits within a prolific Gold producing State known as Sonora Mexico.


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