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Gold’n Futures Reports Successful First Round of Interpretations of the Airborne Geophysical Surveys

Gold’n Futures Mineral Corp. reveals a positive first round of interpretations of the Hercules Property’s airborne geophysical surveys in northern Ontario’s Beardmore-Geraldton gold camp.

Magnetic lineaments Residual Total Field VD-1. Relationships of lineaments to gold zones. Image Credit: Gold’n Futures Mineral Corp.

Geophysics has revealed a strong link between the Hercules property’s sturdy narrow magnetic lineaments and the structures that host the high-grade gold veins. The northwest trending lineaments are, by far, the most significant. The magnetic maps’ correlating results are derived from data collected by GoldSpot Discoveries Corp. during a helicopter-borne triaxial gradient magnetic survey flown last October

The strong correlation of the magnetic lineaments with the Hercules gold zones offers multiple new and promising vein targets. There is no doubt that the northwest trends and subparallel alignment of the lineaments is significant and highly encouraging. Importantly, the extension of the Golden Mile vein system to the northwest and its breaking into numerous splays suggest that a robust gold mineralizing system was developed.

Stephen Wilkinson, CEO, Gold’n Futures Mineral Corp.

Stephen Wilkinson adds, “The potential of the Golden Mile collectively exceeds 6900-meters. We look forward to investigating all the lineaments and new target areas resulting from the helicopter magnetic survey.”

In the central part of the Hercules Property, where the historical gold zones and identified mineral resources are concentrated, the geophysical lineaments are overlain with gold vein occurrences. The magnetic lineament interpretation for these priority claims organizing the historical gold resources shows that:

a) The Golden Mile vein system is linked to a complex bifurcating structure that extends more than 2120 meters (“m”) northwest of its known length of 2000 m. The main lineament splits into several branches, one of which is 1874 m long and the other 940 m long.

b) The Lucky Strike vein system is located just south of the Golden Mile vein and seems to extend another 400 m to the northwest, providing the vein lineament a stunning 1,000 m strike.

c) The Yellow Brick Road lineament begins about 1,600 m northeast of the Golden Mile and continues for another 2000 m northwest along the contact zone of the Elmhirst Lake Intrusive Complex and volcanic rocks from its known western end. The Yellow Brick Road zone, like the Golden Mile, has a magnetic strike of nearly 4 km.

d) The Miron West lineament is a gold structure that runs parallel to the Yellow Brick Road. These features may form a 350 m long corridor with conjugate vein arrays.

e) South of the Golden Mile and Lucky Strike lineaments, new Target Zones have been discovered. These seven new targets (A, B, C, D, E, F, and G) are northwest trending lineaments that are aligned in correlation with known gold zones and have significant exploration potential.

This first interpretation only applies to about 10% of the surface area of the 10052 hectare Hercules property, but it demonstrates the exceptional potential of this segment of the Company’s project portfolio. The high-grade veins are clearly aligned with northwest-trending magnetic lineaments.

The extension of the lineaments beyond the veins’ current known limits is thought to be a sign of a world-class gold deposit, similar to the nearby Greenstone gold mile, which has a reported 4.5 million ounce reserve.

In its summer exploration program for 2022, the Company now intends to include considerably more surface evaluation. The new targets within the northwest extensions of known gold veins as well as outside mineral resource areas, where geophysical anomalies coupled with the geological setting make extremely compelling gold targets, will be prioritized.

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