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Asia Broadband Inc. Expects Completion of Report for Bonanza Gold Mine

Asia Broadband Inc. (AABB) is delighted to announce that the geological technical report for its Bonanza Gold Mine Project in the Acaponeta region of Nayarit, Mexico, is expected to be completed this month.

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A certified expert is presently working on the report’s final stages of completion. The Bonanza report was supposed to be provided last month, but it was purposefully postponed to allow for more research on significant mineral indications identified near the time the drill cores were supposed to be submitted.

The report will be used by the AABB geological and mining operations teams to plan the Bonanza concession’s production and exploration growth. In the company’s strategic drive to grow gold output and AABB’s physical gold holdings, the Bonanza gold project is a potential high yield mining asset.

The Bonanza property, located in the rich mining district of Acaponeta in Nayarit, Mexico, has produced high-grade gold assay findings from recent samples and drilling activity, with the highest gold values exceeding 10 grams per ton (g/t).

The Bonanza project excites company management since it has the potential for quick development, high output, low operating costs, and a significant contribution to gross earnings.

Following receipt of the Bonanza report, the Company anticipates getting a comprehensive geological technical study for its Tequila gold mine project in Mexico from a certified professional.

Our management and mining group are highly anticipating the professional report for our Bonanza gold project to allow us to accelerate our expansion and development plans for the property. It was great to see that there were many exciting mineral resource indications throughout the process of data gathering for the report.

Chris Torres, President and Chief Executive Officer, Asia Broadband Inc.

Torres added, “In a similar scenario to Bonanza, we are also expecting the Tequila property report in the weeks to follow receiving the Bonanza assessment.

AABB intends to maintain its mining property acquisition strategy to maximize development capital utilization by concentrating operations in regions of Mexico where the Company has a relative advantage of expertise and development resources easily accessible for explosive growth and duplication of previous gold production success.


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