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Medaro Mining Selects Site for Its First Pilot Plant

Medaro Mining Corp. (“Medaro” or the “Company”) is a multi-faceted venture dedicated to designing an advanced spodumene processing technology to coexist with its lithium-focused exploration in Canada. The Company is delighted to declare that it has narrowed down the quest for a US site to construct its first pilot plant.

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The Company is cautiously assessing sites in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia, which are the states that were selected for their vicinity to growing markets for lithium. Besides, all these states have a skilled workforce and robust infrastructure, which make it completely appropriate for Medaro pilot plant construction, maintenance, and operation.

The innovative spodumene conversion technology of Medaro has the capacity to revolutionize the industry, and the pilot plant will serve a main role in establishing its commercial feasibility.

For the pilot plant, Medaro has started procuring equipment and has tentative strategies for buildout in Q3/Q4 of 2023. Medaro is committed to functioning with authorities and local communities to guarantee that the project is developed in an ecologically responsible manner.

We are excited to have narrowed down the search for our U.S. pilot plant location and are pleased to be considering three states that have robust infrastructures and skilled workforces. We will continue to investigate the relative merits of potential sites as we move forward in selecting the final location for our pilot plant.

Faizaan Lalani, President, Medaro Mining Corp.

Other companies like Piedmont Lithium Inc. and Albemarle Corporation have already declared plans to produce spodumene-sourced lithium in North Carolina and Tennessee, with solid financial support (US$141.7M for Piedmont Lithium and US$150M for Albemarle) from US Department of Energy grants received as part of the President’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to extend domestic production of batteries for the electrical grid and electric vehicles (EVs).

This is a thrilling time for Medaro Mining Corp. and also for the whole lithium industry. Medaro plans to update stakeholders on the advancement of the pilot plant in the future.


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