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Elcora Commences Operations at Morocco Manganese Mining Concession

According to Elcora Advanced Materials Corp., operations have started on the 16 km2 manganese mining concession in Morocco for which it has acquired earlier exclusive rights.

Elcora Commences Operations at Morocco Manganese Mining Concession.

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The already extracted manganese (Mn) piles contain around 5,500 metric tons of manganese ore, according to an assessment made on-site by the African Laboratory for Mining and Environment (AFRILAB) team, which is SGS-certified. Before sorting or processing, the masses were evaluated between 27% and 33% Mn.

After sorting, it was estimated that about 4,000 metric tons of 37% Mn ore after sorting could be obtained from the same piles. In the global market, 37% of manganese ore is now available for 331 USD per metric ton. The pricing might not always represent the sales prices Elcora will receive.

Elcora is now able to sift, process, and market manganese ore to satisfy client requirements. Following that, mining will continue as a surface deposit, saving the company time and money. Battery-grade minerals and metals, which are crucial for the worldwide battery value chain, contain manganese as a vital ingredient.

We are very excited about this confirmation of extracted Manganese ore on our site. This is a significant milestone for Elcora. We are confident that we can produce high-quality battery metals and minerals that meet the growing demand from the electric vehicle and energy storage sectors.

Troy Grant, President and Chief Executive Officer, Elcora Advanced Materials Corp.

Elcora is well-positioned to establish itself as a leader in battery technologies with both known metal deposits and untapped mineral sites with great potential. The Company’s mandate is focused on the global battery value chain. More specifically, it plans on both extracting and processing battery-grade minerals and metals from its current projects.


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