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Tearlach Resources Announces Second Large Land Package Staking in the Georgia Lake Area

According to Tearlach Resources Limited, a second large land package has been staked in the Georgia Lake Area near Georgina Stairs. The new site, Georgina East, is close to Jellicoe and Beardmore in northwest Ontario and has 500 cell claims. The claim block is around 17 km x 10 km in size and covers an area of 10,580 hectares. Tearlach owns the whole land at Georgina East.

Figure 1: Geology of Georgina Stairs and Georgina East Properties, Georgia Lake pegmatite field. Image Credit: Tearlach Resources Limited

Georgina East Property Highlights:

  • Same geology as the Georgia Lake pegmatite field
  • High Potential for the muscovite granite to be the parent to lithium pegmatites on the Georgina East property
  • Deep-seated regional structures as fluid pathways for pegmatites
  • Most of the Georgina East property is unexplored and near the Georgia Lake pegmatite field
  • Roads connect the Georgina East property to the Trans-Canada Highway #1

After Dr Selway identified the map was cut off and the geophysical anomalies matching Georgia Lake, we expanded our land claim package to become one of the largest land packages in the area. Not only is this project underexplored, but it also provides a potential discovery value add for mere staking costs. Another high impact, low-cost credit to Dr. Selway and the team.

Morgan Lekstrom, Chief Executive Officer, Tearlach Resources Limited

Technical Information

Numerous spodumene pegmatites form the Georgia Lake pegmatite field; spodumene (a Li mineral) was initially discovered in one of these pegmatites in 1955. Near the muscovite granites and diabase dykes and sills, metasedimentary rocks house the Georgia Lake spodumene pegmatites.

Although Pye’s 1964 map (OGS M2056) does not include this area, the Ontario regional bedrock geology map (MRD126) shows that the property is mostly composed of metasedimentary rocks. However, this is likely an oversimplification.

The Georgina East property is traversed by four sets of north-south trending Marathon diabase dyke (2.1 Ma), suggesting deep-seated regional structures. Pye’s map shows that the Nama Creek and Conway spodumene pegmatites of Rock Tech Lithium are hosted by metasedimentary rocks crosscut by two N-S diabase dykes.

A northeast-trending topographic high could be seen along Leopard Lake’s north shore from one corner of the Georgina East property to the other. The northeast-trending muscovite granite south of the Georgina East Property parallels this NE-trending topographic high. According to Pye’s map, the spodumene pegmatites in the Georgina Lake pegmatite field often have a NE or N-S trend.

The geology of the Georgina East property, which is 23 km east of Rock Tech Lithium’s spodumene pegmatites, is strikingly similar to that of the Georgia Lake Project. The Gorge Lithium Project of Balkan Mining and Minerals Limited shares the same geology and is situated 4.7 km to the north of those pegmatites.

Due to its proximity to E.G. Pye’s Georgia Lake Area map (Ontario Geological Survey, M2056, 1964), which has served as a reference for lithium pegmatite research in the region for many years, the Georgina East property has not been thoroughly examined.

Historical exploration activities on the Georgina East site include prospecting in 2009 and 2011 and drilling for sulfides in 1972 and 1973. Despite being adjacent to the Trans Canada Highway, most of the site has never been historically explored.

Roads connecting the site to Trans Canada Highway #1 provide Georgina East with a solid infrastructure to facilitate an investigation. The Trans Canada Highway and the property are connected to the north of the property via Leopard Lake Road, Camp 51 Road, and other trails.

As roads connect the land to Trans Canada Highway #1, Georgina East has a solid infrastructure to facilitate research. The land is connected to the Trans Canada Highway to the north by Leopard Lake Road, Camp 51 Road, and other paths.

Georgina Stairs and Georgina East, two properties nearby, are also connected by trails. The Greenstone Gold Mine near Geraldton, owned by Equinox Gold/Orion Mine Finance, is about 34 kilometers northeast of the property.

Jellicoe is located 14 km to the north, Beardmore 22 km to the northwest, Nipigon 65 km to the south, and Thunder Bay 150 km to the southwest. A deep-water port for shipping on Lake Superior, railroads, Trans Canada highways that travel across Canada in both directions and a highway leading south to the United States make Thunder Bay a major transportation hub.


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