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First Tellurium to Advance Green and Critical Metals Project

First Tellurium Corp has declared that, in addition to US President Biden’s recent announcement that the US military will offer US$250 million to finance critical minerals projects in Canada and the US, it has registered as a federal lobbyist to advance its green and critical metals project in British Columbia.

This can be done together with Natural Resources Canada’s December 2022 launch of its Canadian Critical Minerals Strategy, First Tellurium has listed as a federal lobbyist to push its critical and green metals project in British Columbia.

We’re probably the only junior mining company registered as a federal lobbyist. We have been communicating with Natural Resources Canada about advancing our Deer Horn project, and we’re very pleased with the prompt and enthusiastic response so far.

Tyrone Docherty, President and CEO, First Tellurium Corporation

Docherty added, “First Tellurium is uniquely positioned to supply tellurium and other important metals to Canada and the U.S. Not only do we have high-grade gold, silver, and tellurium projects in BC and Colorado, our partnership with Fenix Advanced Materials gives us the ability to integrate vertically to supply ultra-pure tellurium.

Our Deer Horn project also contains significant showings of silver and copper, both essential green metals, along with the critical metals bismuth and tungsten,” continued Docherty.

Being part of governmental outreach of First Tellurium near critical minerals, the Chairman of the Company, Tony Fogarassy, is attending the OECD’s 2023 Forum on Responsible Mineral Supply Chains in Paris at present. The objective is to comprehend more regarding critical metals and how they relate to aid in resolving climate change on a global scale.

We know there’s a looming, massive shortage of critical minerals needed for batteries, electric vehicles solar power—any technology related to climate change and carbon reduction.

Tony Fogarassy, Chairman, First Tellurium Corporation

Fogarassy added, “I’m here to better understand how tellurium and our company will fit into these issues, and understand the emerging government policies and strategies to resolve these shortages. Canada is seen as a prime future supplier of critical minerals, due to its stable political and economic structure, and also its world-leading knowledge about exploration and mining.”

Tellurium is known to be one of the planet’s rarest metals. It is a vital component for cadmium-telluride (Cd-Te) solar panels, thin-film, thermoelectrics (which produce power from heat), and metallurgy.

Tellurium is considered essential for next-generation lithium-ion batteries under development by Fenix Advanced Materials and the University of British Columbia Okanagan. The metal appears on the critical metals lists for both the US and Canada.

The First Tellurium’s Klondike gold-tellurium project in Colorado has been on the government’s radar for several years.

The Colorado Geological Survey, in its Colorado Mineral and Energy Industry Activities in 2014-2015 noted:

Surface sampling by First Solar, Inc. in 2006 found very high tellurium grades of up to 3.3% (33,000 ppm), along with locally high gold grades. Tellurium grades at Klondike were the highest encountered in the company’s nationwide exploration program.”

The Deer Horn property was considered a main tellurium project in the United States Geological Report on Critical Mineral Resources of the United States—Economic and Environmental Geology and Prospects for Future Supply.

The Deer Horn intermediate-sulfidation epithermal deposit in west-central British Columbia, Canada, contains high gold and silver grades with abundant base-metal sulfides and telluride minerals,” noted the report.

However, Canada and the US are desperate to decrease their dependence on China for critical metals like tellurium. Canada’s federal 2023 budget, declared Wednesday, March 28th, 2023, earmarked $1.5 billion for a critical minerals infrastructure fund.


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