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Ford’s Commitment to Secure Li from Quebec With Arbor Metals

Ford Motor Company’s recent pledge to purchase lithium from Quebec, according to Arbor Metals Corp., has been viewed as a resounding support of Arbor’s plans for the region’s lithium market.

Ford’s Commitment to Secure Li from Quebec With Arbor Metals
Arbor’s Jarnet Lithium Mine is located in the James Bay region of Quebec and is comprised of 47 map-designated claims that cover an approximate area of 3,759 hectares. Image Credit: Arbor Metals Corp

Arbor's goal to be a significant participant in the Quebec lithium market is consistent with the automaker’s statement, which underlines its proactive strategy to secure lithium production for EV manufacturing.

Ford and other automakers committed to advancing the global electrification revolution have the full support of Arbor. These automakers are making a big contribution to the development of sustainable and ecologically friendly transportation options by proactively procuring lithium, the crucial metal needed for the changeover.

The decision to source lithium from Quebec only increases Arbor’s belief in the region’s enormous potential and the crucial role it will play in the EV sector.

The decision by Ford to secure lithium output from Quebec is a clear affirmation of Arbor’s strategic direction and underlines the Company’s commitment to leading the lithium market. Quebec has become a significant role in the global supply chain due to its abundant lithium reserves, and Arbor intends to take advantage of this development.

The Jarnet Lithium project, which is Arbor’s flagship project, is being rapidly advanced. Because of the Company’s skilled staff and dedication to ethical and sustainable resource development, Arbor could be positioned to become a part of the lithium supply chain.

We are excited to see major automakers recognizing the importance of securing lithium supply for their EV production. Ford's commitment to Quebec’s lithium production reinforces our belief in the immense potential of this region. Arbor Metals is determined to play a significant role in meeting the growing demand for lithium and supporting the global electrification efforts.

Mark Ferguson, Chief Executive Officer, Arbor Metals Corp.

Arbor has a strong commitment to sustainable methods and will keep up its research and development work in Quebec. The Company expects to play a significant role in the lithium supply chain, helping to fulfill rising demand from the automotive industry and accelerating the move toward a cleaner, greener future.

Arbor Metals Corp. is a mining exploration company that focuses on creating valuable, globally important mineral properties. As a pioneer in the field, it is directing top-tier mining projects while setting the path for advanced mineral exploration.

According to Arbor, ideal projects, proven tactics, and qualified staff will produce the best outcomes. Three outstanding mineral prospects are in the company’s portfolio.

The James Bay region of Quebec’s Jarnet lithium project consists of 47 map-designated claims that span over 3,759 hectares. One of the most prominent lithium exploration projects in the market, the Jarnet project is next to the Corvette-FCI property, where a substantial lithium deposit has been found by diamond drilling.

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