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Interstate Advanced Materials Offers Reprocessed UHMW Rod and Sheet for Industrial Mining Components

The mining industry depends on machinery like conveyor systems and slurry pumps that are under constant wear from the materials they transport or process. These machines require durable wear- and abrasion-resistant components that can operate over an extended service period and reduce the chance of downtime. Interstate Advanced Materials offers a selection of colored reprocessed UHMW rod and sheet as a material solution for long-lasting industrial mining components.

Reprocessed UHMW combines recycled UHMW with virgin UHMW to create a more sustainable and cost-effective alternative to standard virgin UHMW. While not FDA compliant like natural UHMW, reprocessed UHMW offers many of the same properties as natural virgin UHMW such as high durability, a low coefficient of friction, self-lubrication, and a fantastic resistance to both impacts and chemicals. Its lower coefficient of friction allows components made from reprocessed UHMW to minimize the amount of heat generated via friction that would otherwise damage or destroy steel parts.

Reprocessed UHMW is used in a wide variety of applications throughout the mining industry. Its high abrasion resistance and overall wear properties make it a great fit for chute and hopper linings, wear plates, and conveyor components like rollers, idlers, and guide rails. It is also used in slurry pump components like impellers and can handle the constant flow of more abrasive flurries that would wear down other materials. Reprocessed UHMW may also be used in dump and haul truck bed liners to minimize wear from material movement during transport and extend the life of truck beds.

Reprocessed UHMW is available from Interstate Advanced Materials in sheet and rod shapes. Industrial companies seeking lower material costs can save 30%+ on reprocessed UHMW and other materials with an Interstate Advanced Materials membership.

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