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The Logic Factory Announces Successful Go-live at Glencore’s Zinc and Lead Operations to Tackle Planning Complexities of Feed Mix in the Mining Industry to Maximize Profit

The Logic Factory announces a go-live with Glencore, a global leader in diversified natural resource commodities.

The Logic Factory announces successful go-live at Glencore's Zinc and Lead operations to tackle planning complexities of feed mix in the mining industry to maximize profit. Image Credit: Business Wire

Glencore partnered with The Logic Factory to implement integrated planning. The collaboration enhances planning across all aspects of the business, including supply and production.

The partnership will enable Glencore to take advantage of the latest algorithms configured by The Logic Factory in order to simulate multiple scenarios and implement the most effective outcome for the business.

“The adaptability of the solution coupled with support from The Logic Factory team delivered increased efficiency and flexibility that are crucial to our business. The collaboration has empowered us to streamline planning processes and make fast, data-driven decisions.” - Jonathan Haynes, Asset Manager, Glencore.

Modelling the physical and chemical flow of material through the smelter network can be complex. The solution was instrumental in accommodating the unique constraints, regulations, and specifications and allows for accurate representation of the process. There is accurate planning for transportation, multi-step blending, and consumption of raw materials.

Integrated decision making and projections across shipment and production plans were critical tasks. Glencore now has even greater connectivity across the zinc smelting operations, providing planners with the necessary information to analyze and optimize shipment plans, consumption plans, and future movements.

Glencore can now quickly adapt plans and strategies to mitigate the impact of volatile market conditions.

“A key aspect of this collaboration was gaining visibility along Glencore’s entire supply chain. By integrating advanced data analytics and with our help, Glencore gained even greater insights into the value stream, from raw materials and smelting to transportation and trading. Enhanced visibility powers proactive decision-making, bottleneck identification, optimal resource allocation, and reduced supply chain inefficiencies.” - Rudi de Loor, Director of Delivery, The Logic Factory.

The partnership addresses multifaceted complexities in the commodities market. Glencore’s expertise as a major producer and marketer and The Logic Factory’s implementation of advanced supply chain technologies delivered a robust system. The project set new standards for addressing complexities and optimizing decision-making.


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