Adionics Achieves Breakthrough in Sustainable Lithium Extraction

In a significant advancement within lithium extraction technologies, Adionics has concluded an extensive 1,500-hour trial of its pioneering direct lithium extraction (DLE) method at SQM's Atacama salar site.

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This development, situated in Chile's Atacama Desert, represents a monumental stride toward more environmentally friendly and efficient methods of lithium recovery.

Adionics’ Pilot Plant

During the latter half of 2023, Adionics' pilot plant, operating on SQM's territory—a global leader in lithium brine production—put its innovative Flionex® liquid formulation to the test across five distinct brine sources from the Atacama Salar.

The trial underscored the method's adaptability and effectiveness, with lithium recovery rates soaring up to 98% and lithium chloride reaching purities as high as 99%. Such performance levels highlight Flionex®'s exceptional selectivity—efficiently isolating lithium over other elements like boron, magnesium, potassium, and sulfates—and its capability to meet the stringent purity standards necessary for manufacturing battery-grade lithium carbonate.

The process left only minimal traces of sodium and calcium chlorides as impurities, further evidencing its potential to transform lithium extraction practices.

Unparalleled Lithium Extraction Technology

Adionics' Flionex® technology has demonstrated an unparalleled ability to extract lithium with high selectivity across a broad spectrum of brine concentrations, producing concentrated lithium chloride of superior purity. Moreover, the testing phase validated the technology's robustness under varied operational conditions, including alterations in brine composition and the challenging thermal fluctuations typical of high-altitude desert environments.

This achievement signifies Adionics' transition to industrial maturity, showcasing the technology's readiness for broader application.

Gabriel Toffani, CEO of Adionics, shared his enthusiasm about the test outcomes, emphasizing the pivotal role of the company’s technology in fostering a greener and more efficient future for energy storage:

We are extremely proud of the results of our latest phase of testing at SQM's Atacama Salar. Our team's commitment to innovation and sustainable practices is reflected in the outstanding performance of our technology. With lithium recovery rates and purity that set new industry benchmarks, we're not just extracting lithium, we're setting the stage for a cleaner, more efficient future in energy storage. This is an important step in ensuring a more sustainable supply chain for the batteries that power our clean energy transition.

More Sustainable Lithium Battery Production

This innovation is poised to redefine industry standards, offering a promising avenue for reducing the environmental impact of lithium-ion battery production and recycling.

Established in 2012, Adionics has emerged as a leader in developing DLE processes, crucial for the global shift toward renewable energy.

The widespread use of lithium in electric vehicles and rechargeable batteries underscores the importance of innovations like Adionics', elevating lithium mining efficiency and optimizing the entire value chain.

The implications of Adionics' technology extend far beyond environmental sustainability and operational efficiency. This breakthrough offers a pathway to more reliable and eco-conscious lithium sourcing for commercial industries, particularly those involved in electric vehicle manufacturing and renewable energy sectors.

Adionics is setting new benchmarks for sustainability in the energy storage industry by significantly reducing the environmental footprint of lithium extraction and refining processes.

The importance of innovations like Adionics' cannot be overstated as the world gravitates toward cleaner energy solutions. Its work exemplifies the potential for technological advancements to drive environmental sustainability and illustrates the critical role of research and development in securing a greener future for global industries.

As we look ahead, such technologies' commercial and environmental benefits are likely to become increasingly paramount, marking a new era in lithium's sustainable production and utilization.


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