Ideon Technologies Unveils Groundbreaking In-Mine Muon Tomography Imaging Solution

Canadian subsurface intelligence company Ideon Technologies is demonstrating its new in-mine muon tomography imaging solution for the first time at NORCAT's Mining Transformed exhibition from May 28-29, 2024 in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Not only will this solution help mining companies drill much less in their efforts to understand the subsurface, but it will also help accelerate time to market for critical minerals, while minimizing the environmental impact of active mining operations.

The Ideon in-mine imaging solution includes an advanced suite of hardware and software, including multi-physics fusion capability, data analysis, and geological interpretation services. It can provide 95% certainty on measurement of density in subsurface environments where the scale, grade, and location of mineral deposits and anomalies are generally uncertain. Ruggedized for the most challenging of in-mine environments, the new panel detector hardware component is designed for unobtrusive deployment in mine tunnels, imaging upwards towards the surface without impeding equipment movement. With just a few of these detectors in place, Ideon can map density at meter-scale precision over billions of cubic meters of rock.

Ideon harnesses the energy from supernova explosions in space to image deep beneath the Earth's surface. Using sub-atomic particles called muons, Ideon creates high-resolution 3D density models that help geologists identify, map, characterize, and monitor mineral deposits, subsurface voids, and other geologic anomalies across the full mine life cycle - from exploration to reclamation and aftercare.

Ideon CEO & Co-Founder Gary Agnew credits customers for their contributions to defining the need for this new solution suite. "We are working with some of the biggest mining companies in the world, and they are all seeking ways to transform mine operations and achieve ambitious production targets using new technology. With their input, we are developing innovations that will help them target high-recovery, low-waste deposits that, in turn, drive responsive and environmentally responsible supply chains for critical metals. It's a true point of pride to be showcasing this for the first time at home here in Canada, ahead of deployments around the world."

Mining Transformed is the world's only technology exhibition in an underground operating mine. Designed to build relationships between technology innovators and global mining companies, the event is focused on expediting technology adoption and broader diffusion of innovation across the global mining sector. The Ideon in-mine imaging solution has been installed at NORCAT's Underground Centre since February 2024, gathering data in advance of the invitation-only exhibition.

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